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Woman breaks into mother-n-law's bedroom to look for stolen sonogram. AITA?

Woman breaks into mother-n-law's bedroom to look for stolen sonogram. AITA?


When this mom to be is conflicted about her MIL, she asks Reddit:

"AITA for breaking into my MIL’s bedroom?"

Throwaway cause some of my in-laws use reddit. We are pregnant with our rainbow baby and we couldn’t be happier. On Friday we had our 12 weeks sonogram and got plenty of pictures to take home.

My MIL and FIL came to visit so they could see them and, eventually, the pictures disappeared. I asked them for help to find them but they were just nowhere to be found. My MIL was pretty eager to leave and that didn’t sit well with me, after they left I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

So on Sunday we went to their place for lunch and, when I went to the bathroom, I went into their bedroom and found the pictures in her nightstand. I was fuming. We were planning to give each side of the family copies of the pictures and a framed one (and we told them), but of course she just wanted them all.

I confronted her when I came back and she just said “she thought they were for her” which is clearly a lie (I asked them for help to find them for crying out loud, and was visibly upset).

It’s not the first time she pulls something like this and, while my husband defended me in front of them when she protested for my snooping, he then told me I’d crossed a line when I opened her drawers. I know it wasn’t the nicest thing to do, I regret having to stoop to her level but I was just so angry. So AITA?

Let's see what Reddit had to say.

ashendemon4 writes:

NTA. In like any other scenario I’d say you shouldn’t be snooping and had no proof but she has apparently done things like this before and you were right so.

You need to have a conversation and tell him he can either be your husband and the babies father or he can be mommy's forever but not both and to coffee now because I would be done!!!! If you don't YWBTA to yourself and your unborn baby!!!!

thelandofoo writes:

YTA for marrying a man who can’t put boundaries up to his family. His enablement will destroy your marriage and take an emotional and psychological toll on your child if MIL’s behavior is to be allowed to continue. Also breaking into someone's room is crazy.

punkswamp writes:

Nta you weren't snooping for curiosity. You were looking for possessions that you suspected she stole from you, and she's getting defensive about you 'snooping' as a way to turn it back on you and make you the bad guy.

Well, jury's out on this one. Is OP TA?

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