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Woman asks if she was wrong to feed daughter's friend raw milk without permission.

Woman asks if she was wrong to feed daughter's friend raw milk without permission.


When this mom is concerned that she made a parenting mistake, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for feeding a child that is not mine raw milk?'

milkthrow2 writes:

I (36F) live on a homestead with my husband and two daughters. Homesteading is super important to me, getting in touch with the land and growing our own food. We have a garden and chickens.

It’s all been really beneficial to the mental and physical health of our family. However, we’re not an “unschooling” type of family — our daughters attend the local public school system.

This weekend, our oldest daughter, “Lily” (9F) invited over a friend for a play date. We live in an area where not everyone has gardens and animals and it’s usually a delight when kids come over.

Parents of course know about our homestead since we are pretty vocal in our smaller community. Lily’s friend, “Sam” (9M) enjoyed talking to our chickens, helping Lily collect eggs, and playing in our backyard.

The play date was a few hours so I prepared lunch for Lily and Sam. Cucumber sandwiches and chocolate milk. The chocolate milk was raw milk from a neighboring homestead and organic cocoa powder.

My family strongly believes in raw milk, it’s healthy and not dangerous. Its also local. It’s a bit of a mini activism thing, since it is illegal in our state. Also, we simply just don’t have pasteurized milk, no purpose in buying it, especially if it’s not local.

When serving the two lunch, Sam asked if the milk was from our cow. I said we don’t have a cow but it’s from our friends cow and it is called raw milk and is super good for you. He seemed interested and the two finished lunch and the play date with no issue.

Later I get a call from Sam’s mom, nearly screaming at me. She said Sam told her about the raw milk and I put her son in danger by giving him something not safe for her son and something illegal in our state. I calmly explained the benefits but she said Sam will not be coming over again soon. I’m sure she’s telling other moms.

I feel horrible but raw milk is just the norm in my family and I don’t mentally view it was dangerous, it really isn’t. I’m morally conflicted- I want my daughters to have a good social life and children to feel comfortable at our home but I also want to not demonize a natural product. AITA?

Let's see what Reddit had to say.

doxyruby writes:

YTA. One of your solutions to this is to limit the people your children socialize with? Do you see that’s not an appropriate reaction to a mistake you made?

OP milkythrow2 responded with this...

I think I just live in such a homesteady bubble (I’m a blogger) that my mind didn’t even process that raw milk isn’t just “milk” for everyone. I won’t do this again, I’ll serve the kids water or juice, or ask their parents.

I think this is just a sort of wake up call for me…. and not a wake up call to only socialize my kids with other homesteaders. I understand the raw milk fear, even though I will keep feeding it to my family, because it’s what works for us.

bahnmor makes this great point:

So thoroughly this. YTA. OP, this isn’t about raw vs pasteurised milk, no matter how you might try and dress it up as such.

This is about you feeding someone else’s child an illegal substance without checking with the parents first.

You want to indulge in a little first-world activism, you go ahead. That is your decision. You do not get to impose that decision on somebody else’s family.

Well, looks like OP is majorly TA. Or is she? What do YOU think?

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