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Woman refuses to help brother babysit his three kids. Says, 'I'm done.' AITA?

Woman refuses to help brother babysit his three kids. Says, 'I'm done.' AITA?


When this woman is annoyed with her brother, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for not helping my brother babysit his three kids?'

My (33F) older brother (40M) has three kids under 5, I myself have no children by choice. Him and I we never very close but he is always asking for help with the kids. Saturday was a beautiful day, my husband and I had plans to spend the day in our pool.

At 10 am he calls me and asks me to come over and help with the kids for an hour or two because his wife is going to get her nails done. I declined and told him what my plans were.

He has a fit saying that I could come help him and then go home and still spend all day in the pool, which is true he only lives about 15 mins from me, but honestly I just didn't want to have to spend the morning with his kids and was really not in the mood to babysit so I again said no hung up and had a nice day with my husband.

Later that day I got a nasty text from SIL about not helping out, she was pissed she has to cancel her nail appointment, she pretty much called me an immature POS for not helping.

My mom thinks I could have just went over for an hour or two since it really wouldn't have messed with my plans and I had no real reason not too. Now I feel like a jerk so IDK I thought I would come here. AITA?

Let's see what readers had to say.

sidneyreb writes:

NTA. Daddio can't PARENT his children for a few hours to give his wife a little 'me time' so it's OP's fault? Tell me how much this man dislikes kids without pointing to his failure to have a good relationship with his younger sister.

pineapplesb writes:

NTA. No is a complete sentence. When you ask for a favour, the other person is entitled to refusing. Always. Especially when it's last minute like that. What the heck? She made an appointment but didn't plan child care for that time until the last second?

I mean, I'm hoping someone cancelled on them, but you didn't mention it, so it sounds like they were just expecting your to be available for their needs... which is not how life works.

Looks like OP is NTA. Any advice?

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