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Woman refuses to let ex-husband bring new wife to their daughter's birthday party. AITA?

Woman refuses to let ex-husband bring new wife to their daughter's birthday party. AITA?


When this woman is annoyed with her ex-husband, she asks Reddit:

"AITA for not letting my ex husband to bring his now wife to our daughters birthday party?"

My ex husband (David) and I were married for 5 years and last year we divorced. We have a one daughter (lily) who recently turned 7 this year.

Lily's birthday was around the corner so I was busy with decorations, the cake and the invitations. I asked her who she wanted to attended her birthday party and she said she wanted her aunts , uncle's, cousins basically everyone she knew from both sides .

I wasn't bothered with lily inviting anyone from her fathers side because we were both familiar and comfortable with them . I called David and I told him about the invitations and he was cool with it until he bought up his wife. He told me that he will bring his wife , he didn't ask me , he told me like he was forcing it because he knew I would say no and I did say no .

I told that I was not comfortable with his wife especially her meeting lily and lily doesn't even know her that much and I haven't even had a proper talk with her before she can see my daughter.

The only thing I knew about this lady was that she did something wrong with my husband knowing very well he's married and has a daughter and I was supposed to feel comfortable with that.

He then told me that I was making this about me and not lily , that lily is child , she doesn't even know anything yet and he really wants lily to meet his wife and she also wants to meet her . I said to him that if she really wants to meet lily then she has to speak to me first and see how she really is before I can trust her with my baby.

He replied to me by saying that I was jealous and that I didn't want lily too see her new family and be comfortable with them and that i was hurting his wife because I wouldn't let her see her step daughter who is like her own daughter.

I was done with him and told him if he didn't want to come then it's fine it's not like he payed a single dime for anything for the birthday party and he was crazy for me to say yes to a woman who ruined my marriage and is the reason why my daughter has to grow up with separated parents .

EDIT: The step mom does know lily and lily knows that she does have step mom but they haven't met which is not my responsibility and yes David does have visitation rights so I don't know why he doesn't introduce them to each other. That's reason why step mom said she also wants to meet her. AITA?

Let's see what readers thought.

aggravatingpain7 writes:

Introducing his new wife to lily at lily's birthday party is where this is wrong. It is lily's party, and not a time to meet her father's new wife. How many times has lily met this woman? If lily did not mention her when you asked about who she wants to be invited, then lily either doesn't know her or doesn't want her. NTA.

cursingchristian writes:

NTA. OP's ex-spouse is the asshole...and a hypocrite. He's using his child's birthday to introduce his new mistress/wife who contributed to their marriage being destroyed. Then he wants everyone to get along like the whole situation is normal?! The audacity.

And what kind of father allows the ex-spouse to front the entire bill on their child's birthday?! Unless he had a valid reason that he had discussed with OP prior to the event, he is a double asshole for skipping the financial contribution.

marsyretro writes:

NTA. You don't have to invite someone to a party that you don't want there. For future reference, don't invite your ex to your daughter's birthday party either. He's a jerk and you don't have to ever be around him except for exchanges.

(Obviously, it's best for kids when their parents can get along and co-parent, but this dude does not sound like a team player -- no one asks to bring their former mistress / new wife to their ex wife's house let alone demands it this soon after cheating and destroying their marriage.)

There was a post here not that long ago about a dude who's wife cheated wanting to be invited to the kid's birthday party that the dad was hosting and it was unanimously agreed she was way out of line and she wasn't demanding to bring her sidepiece, she was just asking to come.

Sure, he's married to the mistress now, so she's going to be indefinitely in your daughter's life unless you have sole custody, but that does not mean you ever have to allow her into your home unless you want to.

And your daughter's birthday party is not the time or place for him to hard launch his new marriage -- that's a gross idea on his part and he should be ashamed of himself for trying to steal the spotlight from his daughter.

Looks like OP is NTA. Any advice for her?

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