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Woman asks if she's wrong to refuse to share sanitary pads with stepdaughter.

Woman asks if she's wrong to refuse to share sanitary pads with stepdaughter.


When this stepmom is annoyed with her stepdaughter, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for refusing to share my sanitary pads with my stepdaughter?'

I’ve (29F)been married to Mark (47M) for four years, and we dated for 3 years. Mark has a daughter, Jess (16F) from a previous relationship, whom he’s the custodian parent of.

I always try to be there for Jess as a best-friend more than a motherly figure as it seems more appropriate due to the age gap between me and her.

According to Jess, recently (monday or tuesday) she got her first period, but she didn’t tell me for reasons she won’t say but I’m going to make the assumption that she didn’t tell me out of embarrassment.

Anyways following the timeline, before the day she started (sunday) i went shopping for personal hygiene products and brought 2 boxes of sanitary pads, as my own menstrual cycle was nearing, and left them in mine and Marks bathroom.

Anyways my underwear started spotting tuesday and that’s when I noticed a whole pack of pads were gone in the bathroom. Of course Jess being the only other woman in the house I went to her room.

Here’s where I may be the a**hole: I asked Jess had she taken the box of sanitary pads in mine and her dads bathroom, to which she denied in embarrassment.

With my periods being heavy and painful and my hormones all over the place, I accused her of lying, seeing the box on her beside table, to which she answered she didn’t have the energy to argue back.

Until her dad came up to see what was all the commotion, to which I told him about the missing sanitary pads and him seemingly being awkward about the situation and saying it shouldn’t matter if Jess took my ‘female products’ and I was making drama out of nothing.

I left the room before angrily telling Jess that if she wants sanitary pads to get her dad to pay for them or at-least ask me to get them in future, and took the rest of the box of pads with me.

Please note that I hate sharing things with people and it’s not that I’m snobby or self-centered, i just don’t like sharing my stuff, simple as that :). So AITA?

Let's find out.

prudentborder560 writes:

Yta. Seriously if she lives with you, you are a step parent. You sound like your 5 years old. You don't like to share? ! Go back to kindergarten and learn a very basic lesson. So what your solution is to never share anything with her? Even your husband? Wow.

bloodforthebloodofgod47 disagrees:

I would say NTA because she could have just asked you to use some or ask her dad to buy some. Weirdly, people are saying that you’re stuck for not wanting to share even though it’s something you paid for.

trueinvasion disagrees also:

NTA she said she was a heavy flow n trust those suck if Im thinking about the pain correctly.

I completely agree certain pads do wonders for heavy n she should've gotten regular for her stepdaughter n told her specifically that those she had were hers as her flow is different n those were the ones she SPECIFICALLY needed then maybe the outcome would've been different.

Next time just tell her that those are specifically for you as you need bigger ones n if she needs more just to ask or say she ran out.

deathflower says she's TA:

YTA, it’s her first period, she’s figuring it all out just like you were at her age. How would you have felt if you were belittled and insulted during that vulnerable time?

Wow! It's hard to say if OP is TA or not. What do YOU think?

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