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Woman battles with SIL who says Saint Bernard is a 'danger' to her child.

Woman battles with SIL who says Saint Bernard is a 'danger' to her child.


When this woman is fed up with hosting her high maintenance SIL, she asks Reddit:

'WIBTA for not put my dog ​​in a room or outside at the request of my SIL who had a 3 month old baby?'

TABobbyD writes:

I have a huge 60kg Saint Bernard*, Bobby. He is the most silly, affectionate, delicate and obedient dog I have ever had and I trust him with my eyes closed with children, because I have 3 children and he is so sweet with them. In fact, he loves babies too (smelling feet).

He is nine years old, old and he needs special care because of his legs, so he no longer climbs stairs and my husband carries him up and down every day, because even if he walks slowly, he loves to be with me and with children. He's also not a dog that jumps up to greet even when he could.

Everyone in my family and my husband's know Bobby, they've seen him with kids and he's the nephews' darling.

Recently my SIL had my niece (First kid) and we still haven't met her.

Next week, she and my BIL would stay in my city for 1 week due to medical appointments and asked if they could stay that time with us, we accepted since we have 1 guest room.

She called me yesterday saying she'd like to limit Bobby's access to her daughter, because she doesn't live with him and he could be an unforeseen danger. Asked if he could stay outside (we have a garden in the back) or in the bedroom since he only lies down ALL day.

I said I wouldn't let my elderly dog ​​out for almost several hours and she forgot that Bobby has to relieve himself and carrying 60kg in arms is not easy, so we just do it twice a day. And he is a social dog who likes to hang out with people.

I apologized for not doing that, but if Bobby posed any danger to even an ant, I'd understand, but he's not.

She said that I should understand as a mother the concern and at they didn't have the option of staying in a hotel (it's too expensive). She's calling me a bad hostess and that Bobby wouldn't suffer from going a few days without being glued.

I just think Bobby isn't to blame and shouldn't go throw this. WIBTA?

Let's see what Reddit had to say on this.

southerfriedamy writes:

NTA. It's your house, your dog, your rules. If SIL doesn't like it, she can find someone else to stay with. I would never invite myself to someone's home and expect them to change anything for me.

beastiemom brings up another point:

NAH. I am 100% a dog lover. I have 7 of my own and they're all my babies. That said, I'm aware that even dogs who are gentle and loving can sometimes snap at people, even when they've never done it before.

Because of that, when my great-grandson (1 yr old) comes over, I don't let any of the dogs near him. Kids are small and make funny sounds and smells. I don't think any of my dogs would snap at him, but due to how small he is, if they did snap at him, they could really hurt him.

I'm not willing to take that risk. I don't blame you for trusting that he won't hurt anyone, but I wouldn't be willing to risk any baby's life on that trust.

Well, is OP being an AH? Should she accommodate her SIL's anxiety? What do YOU think?

Sources: Reddit
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