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Woman storms out of sister's wedding after she says, 'your son CANNOT be here.' AITA?

Woman storms out of sister's wedding after she says, 'your son CANNOT be here.' AITA?


When this woman is furious with her sister's wedding rules, she asks Reddit:

"AITA for storming out of my sister's wedding because she said my son cannot be there as he's not an adult?"

My sister Lisa (27 F) had her wedding yesterday. She wanted it to be child-free. But she said that my son Jack (17 M) can join. She just came in to invite us and said "I am having a child-free wedding, so don't bring in anyone else if they're kids. But anyway, all of you are invited" (including Jack).

During the wedding, everything went well, and Jack was talking to a few guests before the ceremony, and Lisa was nearby. Someone asked him how old he was, and he said that he's going to turn 18 in a few months.

Lisa was shocked. She approached me to say that I'd betrayed her as he's only 17. I asked what the deal was, and she said "He's only F-ing17. I had thought that he's an adult already, and you didn't even let me know."

I asked her whether she expected me to let her know that he's not 18 yet, that it's ridiculous, and that we came because she invited us. I said he's as good as an adult anyway. She began to yell at me and say that I should've corrected the misunderstanding, but in the end she said "He can leave, and you can remain here."

I responded by saying that she's insulting my son now, and that if he's not there, we don't want to be either. All the three of us left the wedding, although she protested and said we didn't have to leave.

We unfortunately had to make a scene, though. She later called me to say that I "F-ing ruined her wedding", and she's not talking to me now. I said that she'd insulted my son by asking him to leave after he was already invited. AITA?

jocelyn1973 writes:

NTA. I get the feeling that your sister Lisa is a little bit too young to get married. How come she doesn't even know your son's age? She is 10 years older than him. It should be doable for her to do the math.

Also, 'childfree' isn't usually about late teens. It's about little kids with special needs, who run around and get a lot of attention for being cute, while some find them annoying instead.

jalapenoage writes:

NTA because she should’ve made it clear that she wanted the wedding to be 18+. If she had specifically told you that all guests must be over 18 and your brought him anyways, it would be a different scenario.

“Child-free” could imply multiple different things. I’ve heard people say their child-free wedding means no kids under 16, so she really should’ve been more clear in what she meant. Also, you did not ruin her wedding, the way she reacted did.

colgken writes:

ESH. I get your point about him basically being 18, but child free means child free. He could turn 18 tomorrow and it still may not matter. She should have know his age, I cant image not knowing my neices's birthdays. Both sides should have clarified on the age point. It shouldn't have taken to the wedding for everyone to figure this out.

So, is this a NTA or ESH situation? What do YOU think?

Sources: Reddit
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