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Woman tells brother to stop giving the family 'creepy & narcissistic' gifts for Xmas. AITA?

Woman tells brother to stop giving the family 'creepy & narcissistic' gifts for Xmas. AITA?


When this woman calls out her brother on Christmas, she asks Reddit:

"AITA for telling my brother to stop giving us creepy narcissistic gifts for Christmas?"

I (28F) have a brother (32M) named Sam who is extremely self absorbed. He absolutely loves himself and his idea of giving our family “thoughtful” gifts is just having his face etched onto ALL of them. Pots and pans?

His face is etched onto the pan so we can see his face while we cook. Blanket? His face is the pattern. Everything. Has. His. Face. On. It. IT'S CREEPY. IT'S narcissistic.

This time around he gifted me a coffee machine with - you guessed it - his face on the side! I yelled at hm for this one, that we were all tired of these types of gifts, and to stop trying to just give us glorified pictures of himself.

He got angry and called me an ungrateful little b&tch who doesn’t love him. And that if I really hated his gifts then I wouldn’t care if he stopped buying them. His rant made me step back and think I could have been too rude in what I tried to say. AITA?

Let's see what readers thought.

quartz36 writes:

NTA. A joke is only funny if everyone is laughing. This is something that's funny once, not every Christmas. I'd start regifting them to him. Stop buying him a present and simply re wrap whatever he gave you last year. At least then you're not wasting your money and time getting him a nice gift. Use the money you would have used on him to buy yourself something for Christmas.

blueraith writes:

YTA I'll never understand joke gifts for Christmas aside from things like White Elephant. Seems incredibly disrespectful, Christmas and birthdays are the only times a year I'm able to get things for my loved ones.

Maybe you have the same gifting perspective that I do. If that's the case, having a frank, but calm, discussion with your brother should have been something you did years ago before this boiled over and you called him out publicly for an ongoing thing he was under the impression was acceptable.

For years. Boundaries that aren't communicated may as well not be there at all.

You should apologize for overreacting in the moment and express there was a far better way to address your frustration with him.

And then either agree to gift each other more seriously or stop gifting each other entirely. Whichever option he agrees with, accept with the grace you should have had here.

scaryped09 writes:

NAH I actually find this hilarious. I would do this as a joke. Am picturing all sorts of paraphernalia at your house with his face on it. Now that you have expressed being over the joke, he should respect your wishes and stop.

Looks like the jury's out. What do YOU think?

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