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Woman tells 'crunchy' SIL her kid's names are awful; says 'they're kids not dogs.'

Woman tells 'crunchy' SIL her kid's names are awful; says 'they're kids not dogs.'


When this woman is fed up with her SIL's terrible baby names, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for telling my SIL her kids are going to hate their names?'

I (27f) and My SIL(34f) has 4 kids and a baby on the way. She is the definition of a 'crunchie mom' her family is vegan, with no electronics in the house, has all-natural toys and clothes for the kids, homeschooling, etc.

She wanted her kids to have unique names and not basic names.

All her kids have ridiculous names. Baryleen (4f) pronounced Bryalin, Falkin (3m) pronounced falcon, Rorai (3f) pronounced Rorie, and Kelvin(1m) pronounced Calvin. My SIL asked me what my opinion was on her naming her next baby Astra, Inky, or Lore.

She also went on a rant about how my husband and I's baby is going to have a basic name and not be memorable (I'm 6 months pregnant and my husband and I plan to name our son James).

I told her she was naming kids not dogs and her kids are going to hate their names once they get older. She got really mad and began screaming at me that I was rude and kids' names are more than just a name. She stormed out of my house after this.

All day I've been getting calls from my MIL and BIL about how I'm being evil and rude and need to apologize to her. My Husband agrees with me that someone needed to tell her she's giving these kids ridiculous names.

I feel bad like maybe I should apologize. It wasn't really my place to say anything. but I'm so sick of her mom shaming me. AITA?

Let's find out.

alexandrinaishere writes:

Besides the fact that she insulted OPs choice of name - who the f**k asks for an opinion from someone when you already know you disagree?

If you even begin to think that Baryleen pronounced Bryalin is a good kids name, why ask someone planning to name their own kid James for an opinion? NTA she asked op a question she already knew the answer to.

crimsonnight404 writes:

ESH - She doesn’t have a right to tell you how to name your kids. You don’t have a right to tell her how to name her kids. Her kids might grow to hate their names. Or they might love them. Your kid might love his name. Or he might grow to hate it.

Neither of you can possibly know how yours kids will feel when they’re older because their opinions and personalities will constantly change and shift as they grow into their own people.

You both have different parenting styles. Big whoop. As long as the kids are happy, healthy, and cared for, that’s all that matters.

RayofSunshine_27 writes:

NTA - she asked your opinion, you delivered. This is the epitome of FAFO.

Wow, so is OP TA? Is SIL TA? Are SIL's kids names the worst names ever, or does OP need to calm down?

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