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Woman tells sister that her RAINBOW BABY is a SPOILED BRAT. AITA?

Woman tells sister that her RAINBOW BABY is a SPOILED BRAT. AITA?


When this woman tells her sister the truth, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for telling my sister her son is only special to her?'

I (f26) have 3 older siblings. This is about my oldest sister “Abby” (f37). Abby has a son (5) and I have a daughter (1). Abby dealt with years of fertility issues and had probably 10+ miscarriages. Then she had her son and of course, he was Abby’s miracle rainbow baby, we were so happy for her.

But then it leads to Abby spoiling her son and letting him get away with everything because he's a “miracle” and he's “special”. Everyone has always bit their tongue when it comes to her son because of that.

On Saturday I had my daughter’s first birthday party. It was mostly family and a few of my close friends were invited I invited Abby and her son because everyone else in our family was invited so I felt bad excluding her. We had different activities for the kids to do.

Abby’s son didn't like any of them. He was upset none of the presents were for him. He didn't want to eat any of the food we had. He then decided to try and push the cake off the table because apparently, he was mad the cake wasn't his. I got super upset at Abby for allowing her son to act that way.

She went on to say her son is special. I said her son is only special to her which is understandable. But to everyone else, he's a spoiled brat which shouldn't be overlooked because he was your special miracle baby. Abby called me a b&%ch and left crying.

A few family members have since called me an AH because I've never dealt with a miscarriage so I don't understand how painful it was for Abby to deal with years of that before her son. It's not that I don't realize her son is special to her but it doesn't give the excuse for Abby to allow him to act like a spoiled brat. AITA?

Let's see what internet users had to say.

trevanaice writes:

NTA. Although your words might not be the best thing. Abby should be adviced, that spoiling her son the way she does, will not help him. If he doesn't know how to handle such situations he will have a hard time to find friends, because children don't like to play with spoilt brats.

Also a child needs to have boundaries, that you say no to it. So it knows how to react to them in the real world and set them for himself.

Don't know if you have any change to talk to her about this. Maybe talk to your other siblings what they think about this. And if the think the same way, that Abbys son is too spoilt maybe you should start an intervention - and with you I mean your siblings or parents, not you yourself when Abby is already angry at you.

katep2000 writes:

NTA. So I was born super early and wasn’t expected to survive. I did, obviously, and I was my parents’ “miracle baby”. However, all this got me was an interesting piece of trivia about myself and some health problems from being born that early. Being a “miracle baby” does not make this kid somehow uniquely special.

I was never treated differently than any other kid in my family. Which is how things should be. Seems like she wanted to be a parent super bad and when she finally got a kid she neglected to do any parenting.

Looks like OP is NTA. Any advice for her?

Sources: Reddit
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