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Woman tells SIL to stop walking around topless after breastfeeding, SIL says no.

Woman tells SIL to stop walking around topless after breastfeeding, SIL says no.


When this woman is weirded out by her SIL's behavior, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for confronting our SIL on about after she breastfeeds?'

I 26 (f) live and 2 of my siblings 35(m) 40 (f) still live with our parents. This is not in the US. My other sibling 30(m) got married last year and had a baby with SIL.

They are not doing well financially so my mom offers to let them sleep over for a week so they can save on bills. Now onto the situation, my SIL breastfeeds which is normal but after she just goes around the house with no shirt on.

We have no problem if she does that in their house but my brother, father and granpa feels awkward about seeing her tatas just hangout after in a shared environment.

I confronted her saying theres no problem with breastfeeding but please put a shirt on after. She called me an AH saying its normal after breastfeeding.

I feel like an AH because shes a new mother but i think im not the AH because we just wanna walk around the house and not see it hangout after she breastfeeds.

Well, is OP TA?

jeremiahwed writes:

NTA. Breastfeeding mom here. It's possible that she is doing this for comfort/healing as it is good for nursing nipples to 'rest' after a feeding and let any leftover milk dry on the nipples (this can actually help prevent cracking) something that can't be done if you immediately wrap the breasts in a shirt or bra.

However that needs to be balanced with the situation one find themselves in. If I'm home by myself? Sure, let the girls fly free. If I'm in public or have guests over, then I skip my nipple rest for that particular feed and put my bra/shirt back on.

She is a guest in that house and it should not be too much trouble to excuse herself to another room for a few minutes if she needs to rest her nipples.

So, was OP right to confront SIL? Or was she being too harsh? What do YOU think?

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