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Pregnant woman asks if she'd be wrong to lie to get out of BIL's wedding. AITA?

Pregnant woman asks if she'd be wrong to lie to get out of BIL's wedding. AITA?


Is lying really that bad if you're pregnant? When this woman doesn't want to go to a wedding, she asks Reddit:

'AITA For using morning sickness to avoid BILs wedding?'

So the wedding is coming up soon and I really do not want to go. My anxiety is playing up and ever since they (BIL and fiance) announced the wedding date (Valentines Day) it's just making me feel worse.

It's the only day of the year that my mom will babysit for us to go out for a fancy meal and relax in a posh hotel spa. I genuinely look forward to it but this year. Husband will just get blackout drunk and I'll end up being designated driver for his family all evening (happened at other BILs wedding).

This pregnancy is making me feel a little nauseous sometimes but I'm not throwing up or anything. If it was anyone else's wedding I would just tell them I was busy but because it's my husband's brother and he's the bestman and our daughter is a flower girl it's not like I can politely refuse.

So WIBTA if I woke up and pretended to throw up all morning just to sit at home and binge Netflix on my own? Atleast I'd get a break from the kids for a few hours and husband wouldn't get so drunk and I wouldn't be a free taxi.

Let's find out.

superfastmomma writes:

YTA because yeah, you have to go to family weddings. You don't get to choose Netflix when it comes to the wedding of a sibling, or being there for your child.

Apparently you married a drunk asshole and your mom is crazy weird about babysitting, but that's not really the issue here. If your issue is with your husband's drinking, try the relationships board.

novano writes:

NTA. You don't HAVE to go to family weddings, especially if all she is doing is playing dd to someone who is going to get fucked up.

She should talk to her husband about his drinking habits, but overall, If I was pregnant I would not want to be at a wedding.

I would not want to take care of a super drunk person (especially bc she might want to keep tabs on her daughter), and if her anxiety flares up during the wedding and she no longer feels calm and comfortable she cant just leave because shes got people to care for there.

Verdict: Nta. But she should probably talk to her husband about everything.

Well, is OP TA? Is it okay to skip out on a family wedding if you're pregnant?

Sources: Reddit
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