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Woman asks if she was wrong to yell back at woman who yelled at her baby.

Woman asks if she was wrong to yell back at woman who yelled at her baby.


This just happened today. My husband, daughter and I went for breakfast at this small restaurant. the tables were close to each other, because it was so small. A man and woman were sitting at the table next to us. The woman was sitting pretty close to my daughter and I. My daughter is 9 months old, and she was sitting in a high chair next to me.

We had ordered some mini doughnuts, which were filled with a jam. I gave my daughter a doughnut, she grabbed it and then squeezed it with both her hands. The jam spattered all over me and also on the woman’s white skirt.

My husband immediately apologized to her and got up to get some napkins for her. She then started screaming at me, that we shouldn’t be allowed to be in this space with a child, if IT can’t behave stay home, etc. Just a bunch of horrible things.

I didn’t respond at first, because I was just so in shock. I’ve never seen someone act this belligerent over something so small. Then she pointed her finger really closing to my daughters face and kept yelling in my baby’s face. That’s when I got pissed and yelled back at her, to get the hell away from us.

The man she was with tried calming her down, but she actually started screeching. I yelled back, telling her she was actually fucking insane. That’s when my husband grabbed our daughter and just said let’s leave. A manager/server, stepped in and told the woman to calm down, she just kept going. I ignored her and grabbed our bags to leave.

As we were leaving this old lady said, I was wrong for escalating the situation. According to her, the lady looked mentally unwell and I should’ve just apologized and stop engaging. I completely disagree with this old woman, she was yelling at my infant daughter. I’m of course going to defend my baby.

I don’t care how mentally unwell you are, yelling at an infant is never okay. Maybe it was unnecessary to yell back at her, but she was being aggressive to a child for a minor accident. It was such a horrible situation. It absolutely didn’t have to end the way it did. AITA?


DrakeMustBeSad says:

Honestly - whenever I read an AITA post where someone chimes in at the end to completely undercut what OP said…it makes me side against OP. Assuming everyone is somewhat reasonable…the old woman chiming in witnessed everything so there’s probably more to the story or exaggerated points made by OP that she’s not shedding light on.

RB1327 says:

ESH, Everybody Sucks Here. You handed a 9mo baby a jelly-filled donut. Use some common sense. So start right there if you're harping on 'It didn't have to end like this.'

--->The screaming woman is an asshole. You screaming back and calling her insane makes you an asshole.<---

duetmasaki says:

And the restaurant is an asshole for having the tables so close together.

Also, the donut is the ahole for being fully of jelly.

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