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Dad kicks dropout son out of house; so wife kicks husband out. AITA?

Dad kicks dropout son out of house; so wife kicks husband out. AITA?


'AITA for telling him to leave?'

My son 'Jimmy' is 17 and he dropped out of school said 'doesn't feel like attending anymore' and told me privately he doesn't wanna get a GED and I didn't say anything because I didn't know what to say.

My Husband 'Evan' works everyday. He's a doctor. He's always on call and recently has been asking my son what he's doing after high school and Jimmy just changes the subject. It's started to get heated last month with arguments. Last night I got home and Jimmy's stuff was being picked up by his girlfriend 'Rose.' I asked Rose what was happening and she said Evan kicked him out. I was mad.

I walked into the house and Evan and I started arguing. I said, 'Why did you kick him out?' And Evan said, 'You didn't tell me he dropped out. You told me he got suspended. He just wants to live off us and I'm not having it so I said, 'School or kicked out,'' and he said 'Kicked out.'' I told Evan to leave and he tried to say let's talk it out but I kicked him out.

My mother called me saying Evan was right, my sister said Evan overstepped his bounds, but a majority of my family is on Team Evan. AITA?


LengthinessFresh4897 asks:

Info- is Evan your sons father?

Unhappy_Flan4334 OP responded:


Gullible_Panic3718 asks:

There’s a lot of missing info here. Why didn’t you tell your husband? Did you ask your son what he wanted to do going forward? There seems to be a lack of communication in your family, like instead of talking about an issue everyone is just choosing to kick people out.

Unhappy_Flan4334 OP responded:

Well we work a lot so I was trying to find a time to where we both can sit down and talk about it because it's not something you just call over the phone about.

From the comments:

SeePerspectives writes:

Their son is 17! He is still a minor, so no, kicking out your minor child is not a “reasonable response”, it’s child abuse! This is clearly an ESH situation, this family clearly needs therapy to learn how to actually communicate with each other, but kicking out a 17 year old kid is not ok in any situation.

I_luv_sloths writes:

If he's old enough to quit school without telling his father he's old enough to get kicked out. He doesn't even have a job. He was given a choice and he chose to leave

_debunct writes:

As someone who was effectively kicked out at 17, I can tell you that trying to find work as a minor—the kind of work you need to support yourself—is f**king difficult. You have no experience and, since you are a minor, the additional laws around scheduling and labor make you an undesirable candidate.

jljwc writes:

I think big boy decisions come with big boy consequences

trippleBob writes:

Kids these days dont get the tough love treatment and it shows. Yta. Coddling this lil punk wont do anyone any good.

thewhiterosequeen writes:

YTA. You really can't kick your spouse out of your house. Evan also didn't kick his son out; he gave him an ultimatum and Jimmy chose to leave. Anyone who thinks they can just chill at their parents house after dropping out should face a harsh reality sooner than later, especially if it's possible to fix the mistake.

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