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Woman asks if it's wrong to demand compensation after meal is ruined by gender reveal.

Woman asks if it's wrong to demand compensation after meal is ruined by gender reveal.


Gender reveal parties: cute or annoying AF?

Gender reveal parties have gotten more popular and elaborate in recent years. Excited parents-to-be have found increasingly creative ways to announce if they're having a baby boy or girl.

Unfortunately, the color-coordinated pyrotechnics, glitter bombs, and smoke bombs have caused some distress to the unsuspecting bystanders caught in their crossfire. Reddit user u/Electric-Cookie-17 was simply dining out with her husband when she (and her food) were unexpectedly bombed with pink 'it's a girl' glitter.

Now she's asking the internet, 'AITA (Am I The A**hole) for asking for compensation on my meal?'

I, (44f) was at a restaurant with my husband, (50m) I noticed a couple of people, a man, and a pregnant woman, sit down next to us and I could hear them rambling excitedly about the woman’s pregnancy.

A couple of minutes later an older lady, who I assumed to be the woman’s mother, came in and sat down too. The soon-to-be-mother announced that they had found out the gender of the baby.

When the woman’s mother asked what it was, the woman placed a party popper down. The woman twisted it and pink glitter flew EVERYWHERE. This wasn’t confetti, it was glitter. A lot of glitter fell into my food so I went over to the woman and asked for compensation for my meal.

She said no and that I was being an asshole for ruining their special moment. AITA?

I actually love glitter and even I would not enjoy having my meal coated in confetti from someone's gender reveal party. It was selfish and thoughtless for these people to set off a glitter party popper indoors where it can fall into people's food and drinks, not to mention the poor servers who have to clean it up between customers.

There's nothing wrong with celebrating, but just do it in the appropriate way for the space you are in. (No pyrotechnics somewhere flammable, for example.) I would assume this family would be apologetic for ruining someone else's dining experience, but their entitled attitudes absolutely make them 'The A**holes' here.

Reddit totally agrees, this customer was well within her rights to complain and ask for compensation either from them or the restaurant.


NTA, But why didn’t you speak to a member of staff rather than the woman herself?


I worked at a restaurant, that did weddings too. No glitter or confetti allowed. If any was used, there was a huge charge added to there bill. It is possible the restaurant would charge glitter mom for OP's meal and cleanup. NTA


NTA, holy shit who sets one of those off INDOORS!? You probably would have gotten somewhere talking to someone who works there though, considering that table clearly did not care enough about others to begin with.


NTA. Those people are TA for using that in a restaurant. If they wanted a private moment with no interference, they shouldn’t have sprayed glitter all over a public place where people were eating.

Good job going directly to them and not management. They needed to know that what they didn’t wasn’t appropriate.


NTA. She destroyed your food.

I do not understand the entitlement of people like this. First in spraying something all over in a space that doesn’t belong to them, second thinking anyone else wants that shit on or around them, third for having the gall to say you ruined a special moment.

And I also feel bad for the restaurant workers having to deal with a table and floor covered in glitter which is a no have to manage disposal of


NTA. You shouldn't have to eat glitter because someone else has a bun in the oven.

From duke113

NTA. They or the restaurant should have covered your meal or brought you a new one

From AsuraRathalos

NTA you didn't even need to type much and you would have gotten NTA Gender reveal stunts have become trashy.

From collyflower27

NTA. Please tell me the restaurant compensated your meals. I didn't expect the couple to compensate your meals because they're shitty people. Refusing to compensate your meal is one thing, but using a GLITTER gender reveal device to a public place?!

I doubt they had any intention of cleaning the glitter, or caring where it lands. Right now, I'm pregnant, so I usually sympathize for other pregnant women or couples, but this couple are the biggest assholes!

From MoogleyWoogley

NTA. People need to stop feeling entitled to doing obviously inconsiderate things to other people in public bEcAuSe GeNdEr ReVeAl.

Look up El Dorado Fire 2020 for the epitome of tragedy due to inconsiderate gender revealers. This is why they need calling out when they do dumb shit.

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