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Mom buys personalized school supplies for daughter, teacher says, 'not acceptable.'

Mom buys personalized school supplies for daughter, teacher says, 'not acceptable.'


When this mom is annoyed with her daughter's teacher, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for buying personalized stationery for my daughter so it can’t be redistributed in class?'

My little girl, Mia (F9) has started a new school recently. We moved started and she had to start new school. I got a list of supplies that the teacher required plus extras like extra packs of crayons, etc.

You know the deal. While I don’t necessarily agree with this, it’s not a hill I, willing to die on so I got everything on that list. However, I also got my child her own supplies. Now, the list didn’t say to not label them.

Mia is very particular on what type of stationery she likes. I’ve heard horror stories of kids stuff being redistrubuted and them ending up with crappy supplies so I sat down with Mia and we got her personalised binders and notebooks and pencils with her name on etsy.

It’s all part of the item so can’t be removed and given to another kid (like I said, as requested, I bought extra binders, etc.).

It turns out that I was right to do so. When Mia got home, she brought a passive aggressive note from the teacher about Mia’s supplies. Apparently, she tried to gather all supplies and have kids pick another one.

She requested that I switch Mia’s supplies to generic ones which I’m refusing to do.The teacher now requested that I stop by to have a chat regarding Mia’s supplies.

I posted in local fb group and parents are divided so I need another opinion before I go meet with Mia’s teacher. Am I the asshole for buying my child personalized stationery so it cannot be taken away from her? AITA?

Let's find out.

jadepumpkin1984 writes:

Nta. I hated this as a kid. My parents would buy Crayola and I would some how get the dollar tree brand. Enough parents complained. Like I'm sorry Susan's parents bought the dollar tree brand but my parents got me this and that's what I want to use.

diasesamer writes:

I had to send my youngest son to kindergarten with used supplies.

They were good quality, but it was scrounged from the older kids supplies, and stuff I bought when times weren't so lean. I did buy the tissue and hand sanitizer new, because I figured those were for the classroom.

But I had NO idea that they were going to take his stuff and give it to other kids. The teacher sent it ALL back home with a note explaining the situation.

My son was embarrassed, as was I. It's f*cking humiliating to point out what kids do & don't have with stunts like that.

mommak2011 writes:

That is absolute bullshit. Clearly, if you're sending your child with secondhand supplies, this is the best you're able to do. If ANYTHING should be done/said about it, it should be handing your child newer supplies to use, NOT shaming them and you for something your family is already very aware of.

Like your kid didn't already see the other kids with brand new supplies, perhaps even high end supplies, and compare what he had, feeling as though all eyes were on him and judging?

Like you didn't feel guilty being unable to send your child with shiny new supplies, knowing the other children would have them? What purpose did that teacher's actions serve other than traumatizing a kid from a family doing your very best?

Well, looks like this parent is NTA. Any advice for her? What would you do in her situation?

Sources: Reddit
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