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Young mother furious grandma is using 'old school parenting' on her daughter.

Young mother furious grandma is using 'old school parenting' on her daughter.


When this mother is angry, she aks Reddit:

'AITA for screaming at my mom for yelling at my child?'

I 22f have a daughter 7f who can’t handle loud noises this also applies to people raising their voices at her as she will cry, shake and bite her nails. I have made sure everyone knows not to shout at her as it makes her anxious.

She was at my mom's (45f) house today because my mom wanted to spend more time with her, I happily agreed and managed to remind her not to play any loud music or shout.

I came to my mom's house to daughter crying silently in a corner while biting her nails.

I was so angry and made my mom explain turns out that while she was there my daughter accidentally spilt her soup on the floor breaking the bowl which pissed my mom off and made her yell, (she's old school like that) I walked my daughter to the car then she told me she was too scared to see her anymore.

I went into my mum’s house and screamed at her for making my daughter Anxious and she told me that I was a major asshole.

So Reddit aita?

Let's find out.

kpoyzer writes:

NTA- you’re just looking out for your kid. It makes it even worse that she yelled over spilt soup. Kids spill things, adult spill things, and it’s always an accident. No one should be berated for that.

I don’t want to overstep but I would also suggest having your daughter in some sort of therapy to work through this, as you won’t always be around to protect her from yelling. Wishing you both the best.

remarkablebuyer says:

ESH - You screamed at your mom for screaming at your daughter? Do you see the irony? I think you both need therapy to address how you express yourselves during conflict.

Well, is OP a total AH? Or did her mom have it coming? Any advice for this family?

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