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16 teachers share the worst case of 'that wasn't my kid' they've seen from a parent.

16 teachers share the worst case of 'that wasn't my kid' they've seen from a parent.


Sometimes the worst part about being a teacher isn't having to give out detentions to the kids who hacked the presentation with memes, it's talking to the parents...

Of course every parents wants to believe that their child is a perfect angel miracle carved in the heavens, but sometimes you have to accept that your precious little baby poured milk all over the principal's head.

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'Teachers, what's the worst case of 'no, not my child,' you've ever seen from a parent who's been called in for their kids behavior?'


There was a kid in my class whose father was a Wall Street banker and his mom was a doctor. Basically, the kid's parents were never around. This kid was the freaking worst. He would stick tacks on other kids chairs when they got up to blow their nose or sharpen their pencil.

I caught him rifling through other student's lunches one morning and he had a pack of twinkies in his hand. I told him to put the twinkies back and sent him to the principal. One time he was having a beef with some other kid and waited for the kid to use the bathroom, followed him in, and punched him in the gut. There are no security cameras in the bathroom and he didn't leave a mark, so nobody could really prove anything one way or the other.

During parent teacher conference I told his mom that her son needs to stop playing poker on his apple watch during class as well as some other proven behavior problems. She flew off the handle and said 'How dare you accuse my son of doing that stuff, you dumb broad.' That conversation explained a lot about where he got it. - johnny_tremain


She said her child was only acting out/not doing work because he’s being influenced by the Satanic imagery in our classroom. Then she pointed to the Coco poster on the wall. - AnAliebn99


I teach seventh grade math. One of my student's mothers is so convinced that her child is God's gift to this earth. She says that math and science are his best subjects. Coincidentally, he's failing both subjects. Of course she blames the teachers. - scaruso18


A kid whipped a knife out in class while he was sitting beside me and brandished it. Then he folded it closed and put it away. His mother lost her goddamned mind because I had the campus police officer come get him.

She started with the whole, he didn't do it rant and I countered that with the ole hey he waved a knife in my fucking eyeball defense and then it became a 'Well he found that knife in the bathroom it wasn't even his.' She eventually quoted the well known legal precedent 'IT'S NOT LIKE HE STABBED ANYONE WHY CAN'T THEY BRING KNIVES TO SCHOOL?'

The mother herself ended up having to be escorted off campus by the police after she threatened the assistant principal that was in the behavior manifestation meeting with us. - Mordanzibel


He got caught selling his Ritalin to other kids at the school. Parents absolutely refused to believe it and ended up suing the school. He was suspended but why he was not criminally charged, I'm not sure. This was probably almost 20 years ago now, though, so I'm sure it would be handled differently today. - bessann28


Behavior specialist CPI certified kid punches me because I had him do work and his parents say well dont make him do work. I'm not a baby sitter this is still school - cheez761


Had a student at our school visibly trashed at a dance. She threw up in the bathroom and parking lot. Her date had to carry her out to the car. Showed mom all the video evidence plus text messages from drunk girl to her friends about how drunk she was. Mom claimed it was because she is lactose intolerant and must have ingested dairy. - Keepgi


Parent tried telling me that her 12 year son doesnt lie, ever. Same kid tried convincing her that Grand Theft Auto 5 was appropriate for him. - iforgetredditpsswrds


Pretty blatant case of plagiarism on an exam... and one of the kids admits that they worked together on their answers (they were not supposed to) and takes his punishment (lost some marks... after all, it wasn’t independent work and it violated the rules... not like he failed or anything). The other mom proposed the following (I am barely paraphrasing here):

“When two people are in close proximity to each other, isn’t it possible that their brain waves synchronize? They were simply thinking in the same words because their brains were in synch. No collusion.” Alright... so I added the “no collusion”, but the rest is quite accurately rendered. - Haggis_The_Barbarian


My friend is a teacher who got head butted the other day (by a 7 year old). The parents said 'he must have been provoked.' What kind of human being are you that you answer a call that says your kid head butted an adult and you look to make excuses for them??? - originalwombat


Spanish teacher here. One time a kid used google translate and did English--> French and tried to hand in his paper. He was such an idiot that he didn't even realize it was in French instead of Spanish. The parents would not accept that their son used a translator. - soulsista12


I had a boy (8 or 9 at the time) in my classroom who would spit at the girls, pinch other kids and generally was not very social. When I told his mother that he was not paying attention during class and runs around and distracts other pupils even though I and they told him several times to leave them alone, she wouldn't hear it.

She just answered that he must be up during class bc he is so helpful, in her opinion the boy wasn't distracting the others, he was helping. She wouldn't hear any of the other things I told her. Simply ignored it.

Then she complained that there was too much homework and that it was too difficult because she couldn't do it for him anymore. At that point I just wtf'ed in my head and hoped for the conversation to be over soon. - ThetrueGizmo


Caught him smoking outside. 12 years old. Chronic asthma. Parents wouldn't have it. - bernhardinjo


There are scores of bullied children in my school and not one single bully. - alterperspective


Many years ago I had this awful boy in the next class with a girl that was not at all there. I was the teacher next door. They were about 7. One of the boys was basically banging the girl up against a desk from behind very hard and it was hurting the girl.

So he’ll pull back a bit and then slam himself as hard as he can against her butt as she’s bent over a table. These kids are 7 so who knows what’s going through their head, I’m not implying anything. Shouted stop, they stopped, then I told their teacher, that’s all I did.

Teacher wrote a note home. Parent comes in livid, shouting at everyone saying I scared the kid, doesn’t matter what their kid was doing, if I ever say anything to the kid again they’ll get me fired. Boss watched the video cleared me of wrong doing, notes the kid had been abusing that girl for a while before I got there, told the parents, she didn’t give two f*cks. Railed on about how I traumatized her child by yelling stop while her kid was assaulting a mentally handicapped girl. - jpl1210


A 4-year old boy in my class was picking fights on a daily basis and would lash out at teachers that tried to intervene. Punching, kicking, throwing chairs, screaming at the top of his lungs.

He was being raised by his grandma who was thoroughly convinced that everything we told her was exaggerated or that the other kids were the ones starting the fights.

When I was 6 months pregnant, he was mad that outside time was over, so he pushed me with both of his arms right in my belly. When I told his grandma, she asked if I was having a girl (I was). She chuckled, 'he's fighting with her, because boys and girls don't get along!' It'd be a miracle if that kid doesn't end up in prison. - casanochick

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