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Mom blames childfree daughter and all millennials for making her have new baby.

Mom blames childfree daughter and all millennials for making her have new baby.


On the Reddit community, r/Sh*tMomGroupsSay, where posts from mothers across the internet are collected and discussed, one mom explains her recent lifestyle choice.

She took to Facebook to post about her burden.

r/ShitMomGroupsSay - She has quite a burden to bear

I'm Gen X, and I have a huge problem with how I am left carrying the weight for millennials.

For example. I'm 42 and my daughter is 22. She decided a while ago that she does not want any kids. She's actually getting a procedure for sterilization next year.

But those souls needing to come into our family for karmic reasons still need to be born. So I'm stuck birthing and raising two babies who should have been born to her but can't be because she's too selfish to have kids.

We joke how my 1.5-year-old girl — her sibling — is actually hers but she just didn't want to have it. But deep down? It's not a joke. If she wasn't so selfish, I wouldn't have a toddler daughter right now.

The internet's seen a lot, but it's never seen nothing like this.

Extra-Ship8324 wrote:

I think she meant my kid won't give me grand kids so I made my own but now I have to raise them!

AppState1981 said:

'Zoomers won't have my spirit children' is a new one for me.

Narvanarva points out the obvious:

...a 22 yo is not a millennial.

Randomredditcomments flips the blame:

I’m a gen Xer and it’s forgotten how truly insane parts of our generate are. It’s like the quiet kid in the back of the class who never talks…

And pinkpeonyboutquet sums it up:

Oh my hell 😳🤦🏼‍♀️

A generational debate to be studied by future archeaologists.

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