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17 people reveal text messages from toxic parents.

17 people reveal text messages from toxic parents.


A toxic parent — whether controlling, berating, or otherwise unhealthy — can affect a child's entire life. One Reddit community, called 'Insane Parents,' provides a space for the kids of these parents to vent and commiserate.

A screenshot of a text message is often the best way to get the point across. Below, find 17 examples of toxic parents, put on blast by fed-up kids trying to draw a boundary.

1. The mother-in-law who hid her positive result.

2. The dad who can't throw out junk mail.

3. The parent who fears Lil Nas.

4. The dad with a doomsday inventory.

5. The dad who has lost the Christmas spirit.

6. The dad who thinks he's the Hulk.

7. The mom who can't comprehend time.

8. The mom who read the future.

9. The grandma who is not Mrs. Claus.

10. The parent who decided this was the last straw.

11. The dad who doesn't quite understand sourcing.

12. The mom who needs a little of her own advice.

13. The parent with a strange sense of time.

14. The dad overly involved in his daughter's date.

15.) The mom who fell in one too many times.

16.) The parents who track their college student's every move.

17.) The parents who prefer to be terrible landlords.

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