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18 people share the weirdest or most disgusting thing they ever witnessed at a party.

18 people share the weirdest or most disgusting thing they ever witnessed at a party.


When you combine unlimited alcohol, cold pizza, and a basement with a group of burned out people who need to let might have to prepare yourself to wake up to vomit in your sink...

So, when a Reddit user asked strangers of the internet, 'What's the weirdest / most disgusting thing you've ever seen at a party?' party people everywhere were ready to share their hilarious horror stories.


At a house party with my boyfriend and a bunch of coworkers. It was late, like 3 am and everyone was pretty wasted. Most of us were playing beer pong in the garage. I had to go pee so I went inside.

I opened the bathroom door and the owner of the company’s grand daughter was naked on her knees in the shower while two guys were pissing on her. Her boyfriend was in the garage and one of the guys lived there. His pregnant wife was asleep upstairs.

I turned around and went back to the garage. A minute later one of the guys came out into the garage laughing about how Trina wanted them to piss on her so they did. I felt sooooo bad for her boyfriend. He was mortified. - Fickle_Freckle


A girl none of us knew appeared inside the house, began hiding beers in the fridge around the apartment, started numerous arguments with the host and their friends, then proudly declared she has lesions on her brain and surgery tomorrow, and that we were all as*holes.

We told her she needed to go and she took 2 more beers, flipped us off and stole the lit cigarette from a girl on the back porch as she stumbled off into the night. - PositiveChi


There was an old bowl of canned clam chowder someone didn’t finish for dinner on the table. Someone poured a generous amount of Rum Chata (cinnamon flavored cream liqueur) into it and started calling it “Clam Chata”.

One girl was very drunk and hungry, ate it knowing what it was, claimed it was good, then threw up a bit into the bowl. She proceeded to finish the bowl and continued claiming it was tasty. - OGpizza


I saw a guy throw up, and a whole bean came out of his nose - jesussaves6


Saw a really drunk guy eat a full ashtray like a bowl of cereal - pokerdotts


Saw a guy 'swim' naked across a counter top to eat a bar of soap. - Docxoxxo


I once experienced a pepper party. Literally stoned people throwing black pepper around on the kitchen floor and sneezing with great exuberance. - gronerglass


A guy I knew would take any dare anyone handed him after he was drunk to a certain point. A bong was sitting there so someone tells him to drink the bong water...and this was some disgusting a*s bong water that hadn’t been changed in so long. He got a gulp or two down before both spilling the rest on the carpet and puking on himself. The room reeked like vomit and mold/mildew. - loztriforce


Probably about 15 years ago, I saw this guy (absolutely plastered) get dared to walk on glowing charcoal from the fire pit, then proceed to walk into the fire pit rather than on top of the two bits that the other guy had taken out for this purpose.

He luckily was wearing shorts and the fire had begun dying down so he didn't catch on fire, but he suffered some serious burns. Crazy thing is he was smiling the entire time like 'lol aren't I crazy' - lyd136


In my 40's, I went to a girl's night out at a friend's house. After a few drinks, the local High School Assistant Principal took off her clothes and was wearing a teddy. She got on all fours on a coffee table - Delightful_day53


My college roommate used a beer bong to “butt chug” a beer with it inserted into his rectum because “it gets you drunker.' He then stood and forcefully projected diarrhea around the room on pretty much every surface. He then confiscated all of our phones and wouldn’t give them back because he thought we secretly recorded it. - Sideways_sunset


A buddy of mine brought a girl to a party we were having. They were wasted and making out against my car when she turned to throw up all over the hood. He comes over to me to apologize for his date and I told him they should clean it off and he said 'oh no I did already, I peed on it to get it off' - hellgremlon


House party back in the 90's. Local punk band playing hard in the living room. There was a strobe light lighting the band/pit. This will be important later.

A friend of mine was passed out on the floor propped up against a wall. Just sitting there, totally out of it. My brother snuck up on him and started moving his lower lip like he was singing along.

Jostling him around upset him, and he projectile vomited. Into the pit. With a strobe light lighting the scene. You could watch his puke fly through the air blink-blink-blink-splash-splash-splash like a scene from a horror movie. - BoredBSEE


Girl just pulled down her pants and pooped in front of everyone. Party cleared out real fast after that. - Elfprincess


So for context, there's a beach in Texas we used to go to on the weekends in my former hometown. Basically, people play loud music and drink and either walk around on the beach or drive from one end to the other back and forth.

Thousands of people. Lots of craziness like flashing, or people straight up hooking up on the beach. It was always absolutely bananas. So anyway, one time I saw one of my former classmates riding on the hood of a car butt naked dancing for everybody. Then she pulls her tampon out and starts swinging it around. - SweetCosmicPope


Some girl put flank steak in her bra and went around feeding it to people - samstedman79


We all gathered around a woman putting an orange in her butt. - MaxEffurt


I was invited to a bachelor party for a guy I don’t know, probably around 1982. Arrive to a backyard party with a decent size in- ground pool, hibachi barbecues, a couple kegs tapped. There’s a 35-40 foot boat on blocks in the yard, outboards are off in in parts on a table nearby.

There’s probably 100 guys there, mostly college swimmers. I know about half of them. As the night progresses, about 10 guys are on the roof of the house passing around a bottle of scotch, another 50 or so people have arrived, more are on the way.

The barbecue guys move the hibachis on to the boat to keep drunks from falling on the grills. It’s getting crowded. The drunks decide to put the boat in the pool - maybe 50-60 guys shove this thing into the pool, which sends water everywhere around the pool deck, but also knocks the hibachi grills over into the boat.

Seems like an easy fire to put out - but it wasn’t. Next thing I know the pool deck is mobbed with drunk college athletes. They’re all trying to splash water onto the boat, beer from the keg taps, ice, a plastic tarp, garden hose, and it’s just getting worse.

The smoke is choking the guys on the roof, so they’re trying to get down (it’s only about 12-15 feet, but they’re drunk). Some ground based drunks try to do the human pyramid thing to get them down. The rain gutter pulls away from the house. Lots of shouting, some of it angry - there’s going to be a fight soon, plus there’s a boat on fire in a pool. Time to go.

I grab the two guys I came to the party with and we bolt. We pass police cars and fire trucks coming the other way. A couple days later there’s an article in the local paper with a picture of the groom getting married in the hospital, but no real details about why he fell of a roof and broke his leg two days before his wedding.

He could not go to the reception. The honeymoon postponed to a later date. No mention of a party or a fire. From other friends I learn that, other than the groom, there were no serious injuries.

Damage was confined to the boat, the pool, and the rain gutter. That was probably a fascinating homeowner insurance claim. - harinonfireagain

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