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17 people share the best thing they saw someone do when 'nobody' was watching.

17 people share the best thing they saw someone do when 'nobody' was watching.


Life is short and while we advise each other to dance like nobody's watching, there are some moments that simply aren't meant for anyone else's eyes...

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What's the best thing you've seen someone do when they thought nobody was watching?' people were ready to share the weirdest, funniest, or most confusing private behavior they accidentally saw.


My middle school science classroom overlooked a mall parking lot. One rainy morning I was spying with our class telescope and I spotted a portly 50 something year old man jumping in puddles like a child. It was beautiful. - FatherSorry


I once saw a girl sneeze into her hand, look around to make sure nobody had seen, then lick her hand... - KingFreya


I watched 7 drunk guys fall on the same patch of ice as they were leaving the bar when I was waiting to pick someone up. I wanted to stay all night. - ScienceGetsUsThere


I ride the bus every day to work. Often, there is a guy on the bus who is going to work at a grocery store near my job.

One day, I was waiting for my bus and this dude was kinda walking in front of this huge group of people, rocking out to whatever was on his headphones at the time. Suddenly, out of NOWHERE, he spins around, busts out a few steps of moon walk, spins back and struts on by.

I looked around and no one, not one single person, seemed to have witnessed this moment of awesomeness besides myself. I think I chuckled the entire way to work that day. Every time I see him I give him a mental high 5 for being so awesome. - LizzardFish


I'd been at a sleepover during high school and was walking outside to leave the next morning--everyone else had already gone outside and I was the last one in the house.

As I rounded a corner, I saw my friend's dad (the owner of the house) reach back and pull his (clothed) butt cheek to the side and rip a huge fart, then giggle to himself.

Shocked, I cleared my throat so he'd know I was there. He turned around, beet red, and said, 'Oh, I didn't know there was anyone in here' and left the room. It was super awkward. - pooplock


I saw a girl wearing a skirt take out her tampon and throw it in a nearby trashcan. This was at a gas station in the early evening. - [deleted]


During the summer, I found myself driving through Texas. Pulled up to a traffic light, and this girl in an older Ford Explorer pulled up to my left. Glanced over quickly to see if she was cute. She was. Patiently waited a couple of seconds, then looked over again for a better view.

She was digging in her nose like a dog digging for a bone. My jaw dropped. Then I lost my shit and started laughing hysterically. I guess she noticed my laughter-induced convulsions in her peripheral vision because she turned and noticed I was looking and laughing.

She ducked down below the edge of the window where I couldn't see her anymore, and basically burned rubber and sped off when the light turned green. It was particularly hilarious when I pulled up next to her at the next red light. - deijavu


My teacher recently forgot that his computer was plugged into the projector. He then opens his webbrowser, were his most visited websites appears, in front of the whole class. I've honestly never seen so many porn-sites on one screen before! - Frederik2


My dad's friend at a basketball game, was sitting in the row behind him and thought no one was looking, so he picked his nose and ate the gold he discovered.

Little did he know that the camera had happened to pan over the crowd and focus on his group because they looked like they were having fun. Whole thing displayed on the big screen. - flickin_the_bean


We've all seen that person who dances and sings their a*s off while in traffic... - obviouslyobliviousok


So there I was, sitting in some park in NYC - you know, the kind where a thousand pigeons sit in the trees overhead. A woman takes a seat at a bench nearby and proceeds to open and eat a delicious McDonald's parfait.

Suddenly, from the trees overhead, a perfectly aimed bird shit plops directly into the woman's parfait. She pauses for a moment and then glances around to see if anybody saw. When she was sure she was in the clear, she continued to eat, as if nothing had happened. - misterdirector


Little brother...he was about 17 at the time.. looked out the window to see him with a stick having an imaginary sword fight.. taking it seriously too - longhairedfreakyppl


A woman sitting next to me on a flight moved her fingers on the (paper) page of her book to 'zoom in.' Then she pretended to wipe debris off the page using a similar motion to disguise her mistake. - peregrime_foul


One time my ex and I were downstairs and we heard a rhythmic thudding noise coming from the floor above. I sent my ex upstairs to investigate and she came back downstairs and preplexedly told me that she had walked into the living room to see my sister marching in place in the empty, silent room. - _Respekt_


One time, when I was in my girlfriend's dorm room, I pretended to leave the room. The door was around a corner, so she heard the door close, but couldn't see that I was still there. After the door shut, she let a huge fart rip. It felt like I had discovered a new species. She wasn't very happy about it, though. That was the first and last time I ever heard her fart. - [deleted]


One time my friend and I were at Costco, eating lunch. We were sitting by the door and we could see the guy who checks receipts at the door. When he didn't think anyone was looking he looked both ways and then started to rub his hands together and laugh, you know the kind of evil 'MWAHAHAHA' laugh.

Then he started doing runner's stretches. At this point we were laughing pretty hard, but then he started to do these ninja-style high kicks over the shopping carts behind him. Unfortunately, we have never encountered him again.- Beatlesgirl1016


Walked in on my younger cousin (10 at the time) placing a flower gently on his recently-broken Super Nintendo, weeping to himself. - RemoCon

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