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20 people share the biggest signs and red flags that someone is a selfish person.

20 people share the biggest signs and red flags that someone is a selfish person.


Anyone who has had some experience with a toxic friend, family member, or coworker is armed with the power to detect bad behavior in strangers from a mile (or at least a few feet in the airport boarding line) away...

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What is a telltale sign that someone is a selfish person?' people were ready to share the subtle hints and red flags they always notice when a shallow, ego-driven, or overall inconsiderate person is around.


When anything that happens to them is the worst thing in the world and whatever happens to you is not that bad and a waste of time talking about or dealing with.

'I know your mom died a month ago but my best friend of 3 years died too so I don't see why you are so sad all of the time.' I think narcissism and selfishness go hand-in-hand so there you go. - AJM5K6


They respond how much worse their situation is when you’re sharing your problems with them. No try for help or listening, just trying to draw attention on their side - seyfgs


Every bad thing you do to them is drama-worthy. Every bad thing they do to you are details and should be moved on from, and why can't you just do that? You're so dramatic! - Pasdusername


If they refuse to take responsibility for their actions - epgenius


Trauma dumping and then not reciprocating if someone else had a bad day/felt comfortable enough to open up to them. - PessimistThePillager


They're surprised and disgruntled when you accept what they've offered. - Wishyouamerry


Conversations don't feel like conversations. They are one sided talks about what they want, their thoughts, their life, their priorities, etc. When you are able to slip a word in, your words are used as transitions in their dialogue.

No matter how you format your words, they all just add to the plot of their story. What you say and what you do are pawns in their game to be manipulated in a way that belittles your experiences, actions, opinions, and choices. - myheadspurgatory


They have that superpower to lead everything back to themselves. Even when you're actually talking about your own life or a specific problem of yours, they somehow make it that you start talking about them instead without even changing the topic. - Anskin12


If they always talk about themselves - Effective-Craft-1173


If you are in a group and there is one person that is constantly interrupting the middle of what you or anyone else is saying generally to brag about themselves with a 'one-upper' story, is generally a precursor to stop associating with them. I've met too many of them in my days and they are more often than not happy to throw you under the bus whenever the opportunity arises. - Philay_shio


They gladly take any favors you do for them, but when asked if they could reciprocate once, they get defensive and or aggressive and act like you're the selfish one for daring to expect something in return.

It doesn’t make you a bad person to expect reciprocation in a relationship with someone else, romantic or platonic. Relationships are give and take and that makes them healthy. It's not entitlement to expect kindness if you give kindness. If you're the only one giving, you're being taken advantage of. - random-shit-writing


Shopping carts. I forget who said it first, but it’s been said that that’s the true test of if you’re selfish or not. There’s no penalty for not taking your cart to the cart point. There’s likely not even going to be anybody who confronts you about it. All leaving your cart in the middle of the car park does is inconvenience someone else. Do you take it back anyway? - Kimantha_Allerdings


Littering - throwaway544654788


They don't remember the times people helped them, but remember clearly all the times they have helped others. - GoodMerlinpeen


Doesn’t think they’re wrong in the slightest bit. They can’t shoulder any bit of responsibility - No_Key_6276


For me it's people who listen to loud videos in public. Especially in relatively silent places. - Potatoe_stealer


“You think that’s bad?*” They treat problems and other topics of conversation like a competition.

“I’m just telling it like it is.” They state their opinions like they’re indisputable facts that others must agree with.

“That’s just how I am.” Their behavioral flaws are forces of nature that can’t be changed, regardless of how others are affected.

“No offense, but __.” Their validation is so important, they will say whatever they want, and they feel entitled to choose how others feel about it. - Upvotespoodles


How do they treat customer service people? Do they litter? At drink stations do they leave it trashed? - NotADogIzswear2020


People who always talk about money or the grind. Usually they will sell you out in a heartbeat or take advantage of others for money which is pretty selfish. - stonebutts


They feel no remorse for how they’ve hurt others - avidhiker96150

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