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We're thrilled to announce the 10 dumbest things ever said, accd to the internet.

We're thrilled to announce the 10 dumbest things ever said, accd to the internet.


On a highly simple subreddit called, with lovely brevity, r/Ask, one commenter posed a simple question: 'What's the dumbest thing you've ever heard someone say?' Out of many, many candidates — here are the ten dumb champions.

1.) If only we could sneak them in, stacked in a giant trenchcoat. From josevilla7:

Kids can't go to casinos and bet because they are lucky and they can make them broke. The worst of all is that it was said by an economics student.

2.) Confidently incorrect is the best category. From fire_lord_akira:

Setting: High school age, in the car with the boys (trying to figure out where to eat)

Friend #1: 'Let's go to the buffet' (pronouncing the T)

Friend #2: (laughing at Friend #1's ignorance) says 'bro, it's buffet!' (Pronouncing it correctly) then smugly says, 'The 'T' is plural!'

I don't think I'll ever forget that. Still makes me laugh 20+ years later

3.) The first of many scientists encountered in the wild. From mamaofboyzncats:

I was about 10 days postpartum with a still swollen belly. A cashier at a store I was at was ogling my newborn son and asked how old he was. When I told her he was 10 days old, she pointed to my belly and said, 'And you're having another one?' She looked seriously perplexed.

4.) Funny, then sad. From NVPcMan:

I was out for sushi with the wife. A couple sat down at the table next to us that looked like a lonely nerd and an escort. The escort looked 5ish months pregnant.

The waitress walks up to take their order and asks if they wanted something to drink. The escort said 'Baby loves Saki' while rubbing her belly.

So now the wife and I use that phrase when we see/hear something incredibly stupid.

5.) But that's why they're great. From marvelousteat:

A conversation I overheard once:

P1: 'Hey man...are the great lakes fresh water or salt water?'

P2: 'They can't be fresh water man, they been there too long.'

6.) This story from hylmz has a 50% chance of upsetting you.

We were playing Uno and the guy next to me just needed to choose one color (out of 4) to win the game. I told him he had a 25% chance to win. He was like no, it is 50%, I either win or lose.

Then I asked him, so your chance of winning the lottery is also 50%, because you either win or lose. He agreed.

7.) 4ourRavens proves that even Canadians have their moments!

'There's no reason to leave Canada, I could spend the rest of my life just traveling across our country.' I asked, 'Where would you go first?' 'Alaska.'

8.) This is as good as Salami_sub could do.

An ex of my called a radio show and was going for flying lessons at the time. When asked what her intentions were with them by the host she said “to take herself sky diving”

She was mortified afterwards and got a bit flustered but still come on girl! I’m still laughing about it.

9.) From Appropriate_Day_8721:

I was checking out at Hobby Lobby and another clerk asked the girl ringing up my items “Do we accept Walmart gift cards?”

10.) Dierens_reddit met another scientist.

Overheard at a water park at the top of a waterslide:

'How does the water know when to turn?'

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