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19 people share stories of the most entitled behavior they've seen.

19 people share stories of the most entitled behavior they've seen.


With no offense meant to all the kind and down-to-earth people named Karen out there, 'Karen' has become the internet's favorite slang term for a specific kind of person, usually a middle-aged woman, who is rude, entitled, and always demanding to 'speak to the manager.' If you have ever worked in the service industry, then you definitely know what I'm talking about.

Someone asked Reddit: 'What is the most Karen thing a Karen has even done to you, personally?'

These 19 people share stories of their worst personal encounters with a rude and entitled 'Karen':

1.) From deadlysyntax:

Left her card in the eftpos machine at the McDonalds I was managing as a teenager, rang me to say I needed to drive it out to her, that I ruined her night, ruined her family's night, owed her free food and that she'll be laying a formal complaint when I refused all of the above. She showed up 3/4 of an hour later with steam blowing out her ears asking for her card back. Last we heard from her.

2.) From Ultimosome22:

That I needed to leave the gym because I made her son feel like only fat people go to the gym

3.) From cabernetcat:

When I worked at a bakery, Karen bought a chocolate cupcake and ate half of it. Karen then asked if she could return her half-eaten chocolate cupcake...not because she didn't like it, but because she wanted to exchange it for half of a vanilla cupcake, 'something less decadent.'

Like most bakeries, we did not sell cupcakes 'by the half.' She became offended when I asked if she wanted to purchase a vanilla cupcake.

4.) From o0quiksilver0o:

I deliver appliances for Best Buy. We had a woman call and complain that her fridge was not pre-cooled before it was delivered and that she had to wait for it to come down to temp. No one in the office was prepared for that one.

5.) From gotteemboi:

Worked at a grocery store and a coworker put a 99¢ sticker on my shirt. We were 2 of maybe 5 employees so we were all good friends and everything is funny when you gotta pass time on a shift so I just left it there. Some woman came through my line and asked me why I had a sticker on my shirt and I just kinda laughed it off. She asked if I thought it was funny and I was like 'not really but sorta'. she asked if my coworker put it there to which I responded yes.

She told me she was going to speak to the store owner cos it was 'disrespectful' to behave that way at work. She told me to call my manager and I did but he was a super cool guy and knew this lady was a f**king idiot. She talked to the store owner and my manager about firing me to no avail.
She accomplished nothing. the end.

6.) From d0n7w0rry4b0u717:

When I was working retail, this one women had a big bag of coupons. Most of them were unusable because either they were expired or they were duplicates. She berated me because the system was rejecting most of the coupons. She called me stupid amongst other names, telling me I just wasn't doing it right. Then as a typical Karen would, she asked to speak with my manager. My manager came and asked what the problem was. The women ranted about how incompetent I was because I didn't know how to scan a coupon.

My manager looked at the coupons and the coupons were the problem, not me. My manager bitched out the customer for being disrespectful for me and told the customer to leave the store.

I hated working there but I'm so grateful that I had managers that totally didn't go by the 'customer is always right' rule and weren't afraid to stand up for their employees. That was just one of many incidents.

Sorry, Karen, but the customer is not always right.

7.) From TimCos1246:

When I worked at a popular arcade chain I had a Karen absolutely berating me because I wouldn’t give her kid a prize they didn’t win. So she wants a manager and when my manager comes over she straight faced this bitch’s whole rant until Karen goes “whatever happened to the customers always right?” And my manager leans in a little and goes “we don’t have customers here, we have guests. Customers always right, guests are usually wrong, goodbye” and waved a security guard over to escort Karen out. Best day of work ever.

8.) From Scoozie:

Came up to my register and asked for the price of a protein bar. Every item in the store had a physical price tag, because we didn't have scanners at the register.

I took it from her, flipped it over, and let her know it was $2.49 before tax. She asked me how much the case would be. Normally we did discounts for cases, but they had to be ordered ahead of time, so I started explaining we couldn't do a discount unless - she cut me off aggressively and hissed 'I didn't ask for a discount.'

So I typed in $2.49 x 12, added tax, and told her the final price. She stared me down for a few minutes before asking me to get my manager. Once my manager arrived she spent literally 10 minutes tearing into me, describing me as the least helpful person ever, talking about my bad attitude, complaining about how awful and rude I was, etc. etc. etc.

I was working nearly full time (35.5 hours per week) and commuting to a school over an hour away four days a week. This lady took the time out of her day to break me down. Thanks Karen, I still remember you - hope you enjoyed your f**king protein bar.

Don't mess with a woman who is seven months pregnant, Karen :)

9.) From MadameMothman:

Asked for my manager’s personal cell phone number to complain that I (seven months pregnant at the time) would not carry a refrigerator (that she had not paid for in the cost of her room) up to her second story room (we did not have an elevator), rather than just accept an upgrade for free because she didn’t want to unpack her stuff. She refused to believe we had rooms without fridges and I was just being fat and lazy.

When I refused to give her the cell phone number, she asked for corporate’s number. I wrote it down on a sticky note with a smiley face. She came down later and asked to move rooms. I made her pay the difference.

Nosebleeds don't wait, Karen.

10.) From lamenite:

One day while I was manning the registers with a few other coworkers of mine, I had a massive nosebleed right as I was finishing a transaction. I grabbed a tissue and quickly excused myself to run to the restroom so I could try to get it to stop bleeding; this meant that I couldn't say goodbye to Karen and give the little spiel about how I was oh so grateful for her shopping with us.

Anyways, after about 10 minutes, I was finally able to get my nose back under control and headed back to the registers. I saw her waiting to the side with a scowl on her face, arms crossed over her chest, the whole nine yards. She proceeded to scold me about how rude I was for not saying goodbye. After I apologized and explained that I had an unexpected nosebleed, she told me I should have tried holding it in and that the customer comes first.

My brain was literally '?????' after that.

Who drinks tea at 2 am just to spite someone?! Karen...

11.) From Doogie34:

My sister in law is the biggest Karen I've ever met, complains in almost every restaurant we have gone to, but this one time they were moving house and my bro asked me to help, I was staying at their place for the delivery truck that was to arrive early in the morning, we were having drinks and my bed / mattress was on the living room floor, at around 1:15 I said I think I'm going to go to bed.

She replied are you kicking me out of my own living room, not realising she is crazy I joke I guess I am. She said no one does that and even though she had finished her last drink made herself two cups of tea. She didn’t go to bed till after two thirty she told me the next morning she stayed up to show no one tells her what to do

12.) From paracordwhore69:

Told me I couldn't work on my car in my own garage at noon because she didn't want my fast looking car to influence her son's to 'be hooligans like you'

'The customer comes first—but only when the customer is me!' - Karen

13.) From Plonkie-:

Had a Karen threaten to report me to my manager for talking with other customers I was serving.

Do you insist on entering a store at closing time and then causing a scene? You may be a Karen.

14.) From Wafflesattiffanies:

The mother of a girl I went to school with, comes into the shop I work at at 5.58pm (we close at 6), lights are half off, front door is closed, roller door is half down, and goes 'Hi *my name*! I'm just running in to grab a few things!' Before I can tell her not to, she's gone into the aisles. My manager comes over and goes 'what are you doing? We have to be done by six!' He went to find her, she's already got a basket full of things going 'where are the capsicums? Can I just grab...?' keep in mind this is a fruit shop - half the items come off the shelves and into the cool room.

My manager is literally the nicest guy ever and agrees to ring up her items as long as she pays card, as the cash is all packed into the safe. 'No that's ridiculous, I only have cash! *My name* Hun can you tell him I only have cash?' So I tell her the exact same thing, that we literally can't access the cash once the safe is closed for the day. 'Oh. Well can you just pay for it on your card and I'll get *daughter* to pay you back?' I tell her that I can't do that, she starts shouting about how unprofessional we are, that the shop is awful because half the items are gone (WE WERE CLOSED), and that she's 'never coming back!' (thank god). She avoids me at school events now, and I honestly feel sorry for her daughter, the stories I hear about this cow are shocking. Icing on the cake? Her name is actually Karen.

15.) From Elba-3:

I was working at my job as a cashier at my local supermarket. We were swamped with people I had at least 7 people waiting in my line. One of my good friends from high school was in my line and I talked to him as I was ringing up his stuff.

After he left I welcomed the next lady in line and asked the usual stuff “did you find everything okay?” “How are you doing?” Etc.

Before I could get a word out she asked to speak to my manager. Apparently I was rude to her for not including her in my conversation with my high school friend. She didn’t even chime in or anything and I never seen her in my life.

16.) From Grandaddyspookybones:

I worked at a home improvement store for a while in college. I was a cashier in the garden section. This woman pulls up on the curb in a no parking zone. Grabs her fertilizer and soil. After I check out she goes ballistic that I didn’t help load her car and she was going to report me to managers. (Due to company policy, I wasn’t allowed to. Other employees were though).

Her face mole was shaking and everything. Over a bag of soil that weighed under ten pounds and a handle of fertilizer.

17.) From nannylinn62:

I was in line at our neighborhood grocery store. The woman ahead of me was purchasing a single birthday card. She stood there frowning after paying for it and when the checker asked what was wrong she said that she needed someone to carry the card to her car for her.

A single card in an envelope.

Karens don't want solutions. They just want to complain.

18.) From HushTheWise:

I worked at a coffee shop where a woman came up to me to complain that her lattes weren't filled to the top(I had seen her husband sneak sips on the walk over but I wasnt gonna say that). So I gladly offered to remake both drinks but she said 'I dont want you to fix this, I just want you to know Im dissappointed in you'

19.) From sixhoursneeze:

I used to work at a coffee shop and this one male Karen gets pissed that we don’t have the small individual sized cartons of white milk. Like, raging. My coworker offered to give him some milk in a cup, but this just wouldn’t do, you see. He continued shouting and hollering about the principal of the matter.

Sources: Reddit
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