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20 people reveal their pets' weirdest and funniest phobias.

20 people reveal their pets' weirdest and funniest phobias.


When Reddit asked 'What is the most ridiculous thing your pet is afraid of?' the internet did what it does best...

From the benign to the legitimately terrifying, these furry friends are shaking.


ellWatully shares:

Sneezing. My great dane retreats to the guest bedroom to hide every time my wife sneezes, but doesn't seem to care at all if anyone else does.


stratospaly reveals:

His own reflection in the water bowl. THE SAME DAMN DOG has been trying to get him for 14 years, and it still frightens him every time.


Konzacrafter baffles with:

My cat Kevin is terrified of bananas. Once you peel one he sprints for the hills.


Wajabi70 hits us with the classic:



Arkie_MTB states:

Traffic cones that have been knocked over. WTF Roxy!


srentiln sites a historically specific phobia:

There's a war memorial statue at the local duck pond that's the image of a soldier writing home. My dog REFUSES to go near it. I even picked her up and had her smell it, and she still pulls hard to get away from it. She also doesn't trust bearded men.


dreamwolf321 shares their pet's holiday phobia:

I got a Santa oven mitt for Christmas this year. My dog saw it hanging in the kitchen and just started barking. Didn't know what he was going on about for a minute. Even when I flipped it around he still hated it. Had to get rid of it.


rumblemumble46 shares:

Outdoor garbage cans that have fallen over on their sides. They must look like scary monsters with giant mouths to him or something.


Pancakebatteredwife talks about how their pet can never meet Jeff Goldblum:

My dog is terrified of flys… yes flys.


happygraywhale says of their petrified pal:

I had a dog who was scared of fans. If you turned on the fan over the stove he would run away. It's was a convenient way to keep him out of the kitchen when you were cooking.


lmao1616 sounds off with the frighteningly specific:

A yodelling pickle toy.


Yumhotdogstock shares of their furry friend:

Doors that are half open. They paralyze him in fear. He is trapped on one side or the other, despite the fact he can nudge them open. Closed doors, he has no issue with opening and barging through. The other ones are made of steel, lead, and concrete or other magical dog-strength sapping material and cannot be budged.


yallternative_dude writes about their pet's nightmare-fuel:

My cat is absolutely HORRIFIED of my old school Furby. It doesn’t even have batteries in it, she’s never seen it move or speak. I think it’s just because of the forward facing eyes, she knows deep down that it is a predator.


barcodes_13 says of their skittish buddy:

She gets scared every time we use the blowdryer, there's way louder things in our house.


PhoenixSheriden rants:

I got two cats dumped on me because the owner was going out of country. First week I went to take the trash out and the bag made plastic bag noise the cats ran away terrified and hid. After a couple years I run back into the cats former owner and we chat about the cats and I mentioned the plastic bag fear.

This f*ckin dumb b*tch laughed and said 'Oh it's because I used to dump them in a garbage can to wash them with the hose and sometimes I forgot to take the bag out'. There were randoms around so I couldn't do sh*t other than yell at her and walk away.


thedankbank1021 flutters in with:

Birds overhead.

Dude, you're 80lbs, no bird is gonna f*ck with you. And they're like 400ft away.


lockylanky9 shares a relatable worry:

Falling off of a couch/bed/table after it inflicted it upon itself.


flowercatt proves that I'm 'twinning' with their pet when they share:

My cat is scared of my pet rats.


hanginonwith2fingers points out:

Any sort of long stick. A rake, a broom, wrapping paper rolls, a yard stick, the weed wacker. He will bolt for it and start attacking the end of it.


LimonPoker ekes out the list with:

Its farts.

Sources: Reddit
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