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Woman makes roommate's cat sick with 'toxic spray'; told 'to pay medical bills'

Woman makes roommate's cat sick with 'toxic spray'; told 'to pay medical bills'


Roommates can be toxic, but one woman wondered if she was being 'literally' toxic to her roommate's cat.

u/Idklolj took to Reddit to ask:

AITA (am I the a-hole) for using toxic chemicals around my roommates cat?

I live with my roommate in a 2 bed, 2 bath apartment. My roommate recently got a cat a couple months ago, which I did not mind as long as she agreed to a couple of conditions.

The main one being that she takes out the cats litter when he poos since the living room and kitchen are made up of one room. This is where my PC setup is and right next to it, around the corner is my roommate's cat litter. (This is the only place in the living room that the litter can go due to where all the doors are).

Now, my roommate goes to bed early and for the last couple of days the apartment has been smelling like cat sh*t since the aroma from his litter lingers until she empties it.

Since I can’t stand having to smell poo I use a spray that has a bunch of chemicals that can be toxic to cats and my roommate has asked me not to use it. Recently her cat seems to be sick and she says that it could be from me using the room spray and that, if it is, I will have to pay for her cat's medical bills.

I explained to my roommate that I would try to only use the spray around my desk and I would also open the windows to reduce the chance of the cat inhaling the spray.

AITA (am I the a-hole) and should I pay for the cat's medical bills if the spray is the reason he’s sick?

Vet bills can be expensive! What did Reddit have to say? Let's see!

No-Actuary-9388 says:

YTA (you're the a-hole). Your beef is with the roommate. Not the cat. You don’t harm a living creature that did nothing to deserve that. The cat sh*ts because the cat needs to sh*t. It’s not the cats fault.

Boring-Business-5928 writes:

YTA, it seems like you knew it was a toxic spray and used it anyway. There are alternative sprays or fragrance options and you chose to risk the cats health anyway. Pay the medical bills if the cat is sick because of you.

stollentrollin added:

YTA and an idiot. Sprays like that are not only toxic for animals, they are pretty toxic for humans as well.

cadededele had a different perspective:

ESH (everyone sucks here). Roommate should keep litter box in her bedroom and it shouldn't be anywhere near your desk, even if roommate has to move her stuff around. Its so rude to expect someone to work around the smell of your cat's bowel movements.

And you suck for using a spray that isn't good for cats but let's be honest, most aerosol room spray is bad for everyone, not just cats. Split the vet bill. Then tell your roommate that she has to move her cat's litter box into her room. Litter boxes shouldn't be in the common area near the kitchen. That alone is disgusting.

So there you have it! Reddit ruled YTA (you're the a-hole).

We all love our fur babies but is OP the a-hole or should her roommate do more to keep her cat's smells at bay?

Sources: Reddit
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