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Woman asks internet to settle argument about washing dog in kitchen sink.

Woman asks internet to settle argument about washing dog in kitchen sink.


From beezus94:

So we have a 4 pound Chihuahua. We also have 4 full bathrooms in our house. We were discussing giving the dogs a bath and a walk. My wife suggested that we can wash Romeo in the kitchen sink because he is so small.

I said that's disgusting because our dishes go into that sink and food related products. She disagrees. I said dude if I ask Reddit you're going to be roasted lol I will not wash a dog in the kitchen sink. AiTAH?

Responses to comments from OP:

We are a lesbian couple. I'm not a controlling womanizer man lol I just think it's gross even if she cleans the sink. The thought of having dog hair where I eat is repulsive to me

I don't eat my food in the sink. We clean it regularly with cleaning products. It's still gross to me and no one has severe back issues at the moment so its not a health issue.

ALSO, I don't want my wife belittled I was just giving her sh*t when she told me to post it to reddit. I said you're gross and going to be roasted. Not everyone did that so it's just a light hearted argument. I am the one giving the dogs a bath tonight and it definitely isn't in the kitchen sink,

I'm not a control freak dike who doesn't 'allow' her wife to do things. If you met my wife, you'd think that was hilarious anyways. She literally does whatever she wants and doesn't gaf what anyone thinks. We are not actually even fighting about this issue.


Immediate_Refuse_918 says:

Lol sorry to disappoint but NAH-washing small dogs in a sink is fairly normal, but I can see why you’d rather she not. Always nice to see a more lighthearted disagreement instead of “my family regularly abuses me and I asked them to stop—aita??”

delta-TL says:

I agree with you! I wouldn't be bothered so long as it's cleaned afterwards, but I know it would bug some people. It's not a hill I would die on either way.

dell_55 says:

It wouldn't bother me either but I can't use an outside broom inside. Once it's swept the sidewalk, it is banished to the back yard. We all have our idiosyncrasies.

restless_otter says:

Guys. There are FOUR bathrooms. OP is NTA for asking her wife to use a different sink/bathroom. Edit: y’all, I don’t know anything about washing dogs or babies. I’m just saying that OP isn’t wrong for asking.

ReadySetTurtle says:

I’ve got Chihuahuas and the bathtub is not fun. Your knees get sore from sitting on them. Your back gets sore from leaning. There’s too much tub, you’ve got to always have a hand on the dog or else they will try to run to the other side to escape.

total_dingus says:

4 full bathrooms? YTA for that alone.

beezus94 OP responded:

Don't be a hater. We both work two jobs. I'm done with comments like yours.

slightlydying says:

NAH, ask her what she would think if you washed your butt in the kitchen sink :D

Good that she asked you first, also I hope the best for you two's relationship ❤️

beezus94 OP responded:

I have totally washed my butt in the kitchen sink 😄

Lylibean says:

She didn’t get roasted so now it’s a “lighthearted argument”? YTA.

Bathing your dog in the sink where you literally wash dishes with antibacterial dish detergent is not going to cause any harm unless your dog is nasty and you don’t wash your dishes well or clean the sink.

Want disgusting? Your eyelids harbor tiny mites that eat the dead skin between your eyelashes (demodex).

beezus94 OP says:

It's been a light hearted argument. Before I posted to reddit. My career is in pest control. I know what's on my fave and surrounding areas. I am aware of all the grimy, creepy crawly things I just prefer I don't witness my DOG being washed I'm a sink that my dishes go into. Thanks for your insight.

tybb_pria02 says:

NTA, this disgusting AF. You need to leave your girl before you die of some nasty shit.

beezus94 OP responded:

You're right. Divorce is the answer to all my problems.

kosherkitties says:

This is the wildest comment thread. I agree NAH but oh my gosh look at his little face please pet him a lot.

beezus94 OP responded:

He sleeps under the covers 🤣

LoveBeach8 says:

Love your edits! Ignore the meanies!!

beezus94 OP responded:


jayellkay84 says:

Now I don’t have furry pets but I have a bird and 2 aquatic turtles. The kitchen sink has a flexible sprayer so the bird gets his shower there. It’s also the only faucet my aquarium cleaner tool fits on. So what do I do? Bleach the sink afterwards.

ESH and is this really about the dog being in the sink or do you have bigger issues?

beezus94 OP says:

Obviously I have bigger issues. I put my marital problem on Reddit 🤣

beezus94 final word from OP:

The comments have been very amusing and we enjoy roasting each other using your comments. Lol. Thank you for evening of laughter. I gave Romeo a bath (in the bathroom tub) while my wife was at work. All is right in our world. No divorce being filed 😉

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