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Woman brings dogs inside if they bark in the morning, husband says 'that's what dogs do.'

Woman brings dogs inside if they bark in the morning, husband says 'that's what dogs do.'


Owning pets with a partner can be deeply bonding for all involved. Now, you not only have your couple bond, but you can share the love of your animals with each other and bond even more.

However, as with everything in a partnership, you're not always going to agree with your partner on how you should handle different aspects of pet care.

In a popular post on the AITA subreddit, a woman asked the internet to settle her longstanding argument with her husband about their dogs.

She wrote:

AITA for bringing barking dogs inside in the morning?

This has been a long-standing argument between my husband and I. We have 3 dogs, in the morning when we start our day, 6 a.m., we let them out into the backyard. We don't have an alley, so the backyards all touch on our block. Now for the argument, if the dogs start barking, this doesn't happen often, at 6 a.m.

I instantly call them in so it doesn't wake or bother the neighbors. This annoys my husband because he thinks they're dogs, dogs bark. And yes dogs bark, that doesn't mean our neighbors want to hear our dogs bark at 6 a.m. So AITA for calling my dogs in?

People were quick to give their two cents.

Pghlaxdad wrote:

NTA - Does your husband understand that other people have different schedules? He's right that dogs bark. And when they do, good neighbors/responsible dog owners bring them inside.

Rhades wrote:

NTA, but you are a good neighbor. How would he feel if his neighbors decided to mow at 6am? It's a lawnmower, it's supposed to make noise and cut grass.

friendlypeopleperson wrote:

NTA. You are a considerate neighbor. Your husband’s attitude says he would be a bad neighbor to have if you were not there to help cover his butt. Keep up the good work!

ADawg28 wrote:

Ummm no? NTA? On what planet would you be TA? It doesn’t matter whether it’s 7 AM, noon, or midnight, the minute I hear my dogs barking I call them in. It might take me a minute or two depending on where I am in the house or what I’m doing, but they’re called in ASAP. And they’ve learned that the rule is if they’re barking they have to come inside.

They might woof on the way in, but they know why I’m appearing at the back door and will come running.

RogueStorm4 had a creative suggestion:

NTA. Please start playing a recording of your dog's barking when your husband is asleep and see how he feels then.

And OP loved the suggestion:

I may actually do this. It would be hilarious.

This was easily settled, OP is NTA, her husband needs to also see it from the perspective of the neighbors.

Sources: Reddit
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