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Woman throws out husband's friend's food after he feeds cat; gets called 'b.' AITA?

Woman throws out husband's friend's food after he feeds cat; gets called 'b.' AITA?


Pets are always down to eat human food, but that doesn't mean it's good for them.

Anyone whose had a cat or dog knows what it's like to watch an animal beg, or not-so-subtly sit to stare at your meal with longing. If you have boundaries, you learn how to resist this begging so you don't risk the slippery slope of sharing food with an animal, and potentially giving them something toxic down the road.

However, house guests aren't always as thoughtful around this, and all it takes is a hapless friend offering an animal food from their plate to create chaos.

In a popular post on the AITA subreddit, a woman asked if she was out of line for throwing out her husband's friend's food after he fed the cat garlic bread against her wishes.

She wrote:

AITA for throwing out my husband's friend's food?

My husband loves his buddy Steve, I would love Steve a lot more if he wasn't always trying to give my cat human food when he is visiting. I have explained it to him many times: 'Steve, do not give her anything, she is only allowed to have cat food.' I have had to do this literally every time he has been in my house with food. Nevertheless, Steve persists.

I come home yesterday and Steve and my husband are throwing darts in the garage. Then they go out and come back with some fast food, including a meal for me. I turn my back for one moment to get some plates, and when I turn back around I see Steve offering my cat a piece of GARLIC BREAD. I yell at him to STOP IT already, grab his whole meal and dump it in the trash.

He calls me a b**ch and reaches for my meal, I grab it away and yell at him to get the hell away from my cat until he's learned some manners. They go back out to the garage and I overhear my husband trying to reason with him a bit but he's not having it, and he storms out.

Steve is pissed, husband is understanding where I'm at with him always trying to feed the cat, but also annoyed and says I had no right to throw out his meal. I really don't want to see Steve in my house at all any time soon, but at the very least I don't want him here with any food until he learns to keep it to himself.

Reddit ate up the comment section of this post.

StAlvis wrote:

NTA. Garlic is famously *POISONOUS* TO CATS

What the actual f**k?!?

_wanderwoman wrote:

Are we just gonna glaze over the part where Steve called her a 'b***h' and the husband didn't do anything about it?

Careless_League_9494 wrote:

NTA. Frankly though if your husband is regularly inviting someone into your home that blatantly disrespects your boundaries, and endangers your pet's health, then he's just as much TA as Steve is.

dreamingluci wrote:

NTA. If I were you, and Steve had just called me a b***h in my home, and my husband took his side, neither of them would be allowed back.

punkybrewsterstwin wrote:

NTA - WTF is this man still doing in your home after calling you a b**ch? The fact that your husband not only didn't throw his a*s out immediately, but is instead trying to reason with him is wild to me.

OP is most certainly NTA, but Steve is a gaping one, and her husband is by association.

Sources: Reddit
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