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Landlord refuses to pay $500 to fix stove, tenant gets them a $10,000 fine instead.

Landlord refuses to pay $500 to fix stove, tenant gets them a $10,000 fine instead.


Renting vs. owning the two have their perks. Renting a place comes with fewer maintenance headaches while owning means it's yours, but you must do all the upkeep. The worst part about renting, though, is dealing with awful landlords. Lords of the land that refuse to do essential maintenance are genuinely the worst types of people.

On a popular Reddit thread in the Petty Revenge Subreddit, one tenant has to deal with a landlord that refuses to fix their stove.

They write:

In October 2014, I moved into a basement room. I shared this with a lady from Oman. The LL and his wife lived upstairs but shared nothing with us. I'm 5'6' short and have short arms and a beer belly. So, reaching the back burners SAFELY isn't always easy for me.

When I moved in, the large front burner was broken, and I asked the LL to fix it. I then went and bought some groceries. While I was out, he went in and 'fixed' it. (Later, I learned he used a fourteen gauge wire to move the power from the back right to the front right burner!).

Fast-forward to 2016. The 'fixed' burner starts to spark. I asked him to buy a new stove in early February, as his one is unsafe. I go online and find a half dozen local 'scratch & dent' and 'refurb' companies that have new or 'refurb' stoves for under $500. He refuses and, again, 'fixes' it with a 14 gauge wire. At this point, I'm not feeling 100% safe in my apartment.

So, I call the Toronto Fire Department Safety Inspectors and the Ontario Electrical Safety Authority. They come in and find out about forty violations EACH. A month later, after about eight hours of work and a new $800 stove, the electrician leaves, and the ESA inspects again and approves it.

That night, my LL comes banging on my door and tells me I 'cost him $10,000 in repairs and fines, and I'm being evicted in 60 days.' I looked him in the eye and said, 'Man, if you'd just f*%king listened to me and bought that $300 stove at the scratch & dent place, you could have saved $9,700, right?' and shut the door in his face, and cranked the TV, so I didn't hear him knocking anymore.

Six weeks later, I moved out of my volition because I got tired of him and his wife stomping around. Eventually, I moved into a lovely studio apartment and have been here a while now. Stay petty!

OP is a hero to the internet.

stumpdawg says:

Wouldn't evicting you be considered retaliation?

whatever_998 says:

Guess he doesn't get living upstairs fire burns up.You may have saved their lives.

hoarder59 says:

So he put your repair on the back burner?

IMAGINARIAN_photos says:

Well played, Petty Crocker, well played! You’re my hero! I got sh*t on by a LL decades ago, but had no recourse. I love this story!

OP you definitely maybe could've taken your landlord to court for an illegal eviction (this isn't legal advice).

Sources: Reddit
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