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'Petty tourist' removes all the towel 'reservations' from beach chairs at resort.

'Petty tourist' removes all the towel 'reservations' from beach chairs at resort.


All-inclusive resorts are popular among tourists. Waterparks, buffets, and all the drinks your body can handle; remember to bring singles to tip the staff! There are annoying parts, though, like people waking up extra early to put beach towels on lounge chairs to 'reserve' them but then going back to bed or doing a bunch of other things before going to the beach.

On a popular Reddit thread in the Petty Revenge Subreddit, one tourist is tired of not finding any lounge chairs on the beach, so they decide to make a change.

They write:

I was on holiday in an all-inclusive resort. On the first day, we couldn’t find any lounge chairs by the beach, fair enough - we arrived in the afternoon.

The next day, we went to find a spot, but most of the spots were ‘taken’ by towels. We find an empty seat, and to our surprise - many of the chairs stay reserved almost the whole day or never get used.

On the third day, we decided to take some towels off two loungers and enjoy our day. Four hours in, an older couple shows up, says that they had towels there, and kick us off with help from an attendant.

That pissed me off, so every following day, I took the towels off of every unattended lounger after breakfast and then watched the chaos from my balcony.

Many people complained, and by the end of the week, there was a sign that unattended towels would be removed. Success!

Towel rez culture is real.

Rabid_Dingo says:

My parents have a timeshare at a resort. 15 minutes. That's the window before the chairs are free game.

Got into a pissing match with an old couple because we moved vacant loungers into an open space next to them. 'They were going to use it later.' They weren't even saving chairs. They were trying to save open space. We didn't move.

Imaginary-Yak-6487 says:

My husband was head of outside maintenance at a condo resort and a certified pool operator. There would be owners who would 'reserve' the tables with umbrellas as soon as my husband opened the pool. They were told not to.

He was instructed to remove those towels and turn them in to the lost and found. He did it several times a day for 20 years. We have many beach towels at home because no one ever picked them up after 30 days.

Malignant-Koala says:

'Hey, we put towels here this morning!' 'Oh, hey, that sucks. There weren't any towels here when we got here. Hope you can find some new towels.'

OP, you should apply to be one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, I think you'd enjoy the chaos.

Sources: Reddit
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