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Shopper gets petty revenge on woman who cut them in line by stealing their rewards.

Shopper gets petty revenge on woman who cut them in line by stealing their rewards.


In this world, there are people who adhere to the rules of convenience and those who feel entitled regardless of the rules. The '12 items or less' line at the grocery store is for speedy checkouts for folks buying a few things. Sometimes monsters have a full grocery cart that uses these lines.

On a popular Reddit thread in the Petty Revenge Subreddit, one shopper gets revenge on a woman that cut them in line with a full grocery cart on the '12 items or less' line.

They write:

I only had a bar of soap in my hand at the supermarket, and as I headed toward the '12 items or less' line, a Karen with a half-full cart sped up and swooped in front of me, banging my arm with the front corner of the cart. No apology.

As she put her items on the conveyor belt, I started counting aloud, 'One. Two. Three' to make a point. Small, petty revenge. Around the time I hit 20, a woman joined the line behind me, saw what I was doing, and began counting with me (kind of like a two-part harmony) that ended at 31.

Karen ignored us, but then there was an item that didn't scan with the right price, so the cashier had to page for a price check—another two minutes passed until the kid returned with a barcode for the cashier.

When the cashier announced the total, Karen realized that her loyalty number wasn't in and told the cashier it needed to be there because 'I use the gas rewards.'

When the cashier asked for her phone number, I pulled out my phone and typed it in to save it. The woman behind me, who had been counting with me, asked me in a whisper if I was planning on giving Karen a call. She laughed when I told her I planned to go to the gas station and use the phone number for the gas rewards.

Here would be the petty revenge: I checked out and went straight to the pumps, entered the customer's phone number for the gas rewards, and got a 40-cent per gallon discount on my gas that day.

The internet is not pleased with this woman's behavior.

jollyroger822 says:

I worked as a cashier at a supermarket for a very short while. That said, I was at the 10-item or less line and kept telling customers with more than ten items that this was a ten-item or less line.

After a while, a supervisor came to me and told me that we're not allowed to tell them that, making me wonder what the hell is of having a ten-item or less line if anyone can use it.

Fit-Discount3135 says:

I would’ve also used the phone number to sign up for gods know what from a burner phone, too.

cppadam says:

In early 2000s, my friends and I went out to eat as a group. One buddy basically dine & dashed, texting us as he was leaving that his girlfriend needed him. The rest of us (4-5 others) had to pick up his tab.

Fast forward a couple days where he was bragging that he just hit the 9th sandwich at our local place and the next one would be free. He then proceeds to tell us that he orders a large sandwich with extra meat, avocado, and bacon because it will all be free.

I immediately went to the sandwich shop, ordered myself a delicious sandwich and entered his number into the rewards system. Lo and behold, it was free! I forgot about this until a week or so later when my buddy texted us complaining that somebody stole his free sandwich and he had to pay for everything - including all the extras & add-ons. He suspected his sister.

OP, you should keep using their gas rewards until the end of time.

Sources: Reddit
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