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Tenant leaves landlord with a loss after trying to sneak $100 rent increase on lease.

Tenant leaves landlord with a loss after trying to sneak $100 rent increase on lease.


Renting an apartment is a nightmare. People offering landlords more rent than they're asking, landlords not fixing things promptly, and ridiculous rent increases are just a few problems with renting.

On a popular Reddit thread in the Petty Revenge Subreddit, a tenant leaves their landlord with a loss after they try squeezing an extra $100 in rent out of her.

They write:

This happened a while ago after I relocated to a new city. I signed a new 1-year lease for a townhouse in the downtown core and enjoyed where I lived. The townhouse was OK, but a little less nice than I anticipated during my showing. The only other relevant background is the lease said the security deposit would be used for the last month's rent and would not be held as a damage deposit.

The year passed with very few problems. The water heater went out in the dead of winter, but I stayed in a hotel for three nights and offset that cost against the rent after verbally agreeing with the landlord. At the end of the year, the landlord asked if I wanted to renew. I said yes. I was presented with a 1-year extension for the same rent, and I signed it and sent it back.

I waited about two weeks and hadn't received the landlord-signed version, so I inquired with the management company. They said the landlord was mad because they didn't get rent on the first of the month most of the time.

I asked what they were talking about because I always paid on or ahead of time, and they said that while I paid the management company on time (as required by the lease), the management company hadn't gotten it into the landlord's hands in time.

I said that wasn't my problem per the lease, but the management company requested $100 more monthly on the extension to compensate for the inconvenience. They said they would send me a new lease reflecting the $100 increase, which they did.

I immediately found a condo in a similarly ideal location that was much nicer and rented for $75 a month less than my existing rent. I went through the background check with them, and they sent me a lease to sign.

Before signing the new lease, I sent a certified letter to the landlord and the management company of the old location saying my previous signature on the new lease, which had not yet been counter-signed, was revoked and ineffective because of their counter-offer and no longer capable of acceptance. I then signed the new lease.

At that point, I had about ten days left on the existing lease. The management company and landlord called me, freaking out because they couldn't find a new tenant in time and would lose revenue. I said not my problem, hired a moving company, cleaned up the old place, and returned it to them in the same condition I received it.

The internet loves a suffering landlord.

Gassy-G says:

I had a similar situation. This happened about 20 years ago. We asked our landlady if we could go month to month about three months before our current lease expired because we were building a house and it was going to be delayed for a few months.

She said yes, then about 10 days before our current 1 year lease was up, she delivered a month to month lease with a 50% rate increase. I called a friend who I worked with that lived in a big empty house and asked if my wife and I could rent a room for a few months. He said yes.

I left a voicemail for my landlady saying we didn't anticipate such a large increase and would be moving out before the current lease was up. She kept our deposit saying we violated the current lease by not giving notice.

We ended up in arbitration, the arbitrator did not give his ruling at the moment, but made it clear that the landlady was in big trouble. We settled on slightly over double damages instead of going to court. In the state I'm in, the tenant is typically awarded triple damages in court for reference.

Bookaholicforever says:

'Pay us 100 dollars more because we can’t do our jobs'

lost_in_connecticut says:

The lease he/she signed became void once the management company said they were increasing the rent.

Good for you, OP! The landlord and management company tried putting you in an impossible situation. Good on you for leaving egg on their face.

Sources: Reddit
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