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Bride's mom insults stylist in Spanish, not realizing the stylist speaks Spanish.

Bride's mom insults stylist in Spanish, not realizing the stylist speaks Spanish.


Speaking a second language is becoming more and more common. Most students learn a second language in school, and research shows that teaching a kid a new language while young makes it easier for them to pick it up. Nowadays, you just don't know what language a person might speak.

On a popular Reddit thread in the Petty Revenge Subreddit, a bridal stylist has some clients that are happy to sh*t talk her in Spanish right in front of her.

She writes:

So, I'm a bridal stylist. I help people find their wedding gowns. I love my job, and 99% of the time, it's a happy, wonderful job with great coworkers and customers. And then there's the 1%. I had a bride today who was very sweet but didn't connect with the gowns we had.

That's okay; it happens sometimes. She was fine. But her mom (and somehow, it's always the mom or the aunt) was unhappy and decided to s**t-talk me in Spanish the whole time. 'Does this woman know what she's doing? She's pulling nothing but ugly gowns!' (The bride selected said gowns.) 'I hope you don't ever get as fat as her.'

Now, I am whiter than a jar of mayo, and I don't necessarily look like I speak Spanish. However, my parents are from a Spanish-speaking country, although they're not ethnically Hispanic. I knew much more as a kid, but l still know enough to get around.

So I waited until the end, and as they left, I said in Spanish, 'I hope you have a great day. Please, feel free to come back any time you'd like; we have lots more gowns you can go through if you'd like' to the bride and her mom, and oh man.

You know how good it feels when you're in a f***ton of pain, and the doctor finally gives you something that works, and you're suddenly not feeling any pain anymore? Or when you're craving a specific flavor of ice cream and manage to find it? Seeing the look on that bride's mom's face when she realized I heard and understood the entire hour of her ripping me to shreds was much better.

The internet loves some classic pie in the face.

CoderJoe1 says:

What size shoe was she wearing when she realized her foot was in her mouth?

Disenchanted2 says:

I'm an older American woman, and I speak Spanish as well. You're right, never assume.

SunflowerSpeaks says:

I'm short, medium brown, and when I was with my tall, blonde, light-skinned friend in Puerto Rico, people spoke Spanish TO me but were answered by HER. She teaches Spanish, and I'm barely able to get around! Their faces were so cute when it happened.

Chanchito171 says:

I had just finished working for six months in a museum in Chile and had learned enough Chilean Spanish to get around the country easily; I could understand most folks. My folks wanted to visit me in my final days in the country, so we met in Santiago and headed to Valparaiso for a long weekend, with plans to eat well and do tourist things. One of those tourist things was a walking tour of the city!

On this tour, we hop on a famous city bus that's been used for a long time. Our tour group is moving quickly, and the guide tells us that just to find a seat. We'll be getting off in a few blocks. I rush to the back to the 1st empty seat, which happens to be in the middle of a group of high school-age girls.

At this time, I was a moderately good-looking young white male, thin, tallish, and full head of hair still. As soon as I sit down, one girl says to the girl I've sat next to, 'I think he likes you; he sat right next to you!' 'Shutup', this girl says. Her friend continues to pester the girl next to me. 'Say hi, he's pretty! Maybe he's staying in town tonight.' 'I said shut up!' This poor girl cries.

They keep talking like this until my tour guide tells us it's our stop; we go to get off the bus... I couldn't resist. I turned to the girl sitting next to me as I got up, and in Spanish, said 'quizas el proximo vez' (Maybe next time). The girls all scream as I turn around, laughing. I felt super cool.

I think this is the worst nightmare of anybody that speaks a second language.

Sources: Reddit
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