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Man bails on family trip after GF plays 'dissolving bathing suit prank' on him. AITA?

Man bails on family trip after GF plays 'dissolving bathing suit prank' on him. AITA?


The internet has a tendency to make viral currency out of 'pranks.' It's not a new trend by any means, but if you're not Ashton Kutcher, you have to assume there's a pretty solid chance the victim is going to file a criminal complaint against you.

In a viral post on Reddit's Am I the A*%$ole, a man asks if he's wrong for fleeing a vacation after his girlfriend's 'prank.' He writes:

"AITA for leaving a trip early because of my girlfriend’s 'prank'?"

I (20M) had a girlfriend (20F) of eight months who I recently went on a what was supposed to be a week-long beach trip in Queensland with her friends and family. She had been planning this trip for a long time and was looking forward to it, especially since I’d get to know them all.

On the third day we planned to go river floating. When we got there I was looking through my bag before I went to change and couldn’t find my trunks. I instead found a new navy blue pair. When I told her this she replied with “oh yeah, that’s the extra one I packed in case you lost yours.”

I thought this was thoughtful, I changed into them and we all headed down towards the river. We all got into our tubes and started floating off. About three minutes in I feel my suit getting baggier, and I I even notice a piece is falling off. I was disappointed that they were a cheap pair but I kept going.

Once we hit rapids it got real though. I felt a sudden rush of cold water and I notice my trunks have been torn clear off by the water. I stood up covering myself with just the last piece. Everyone else, about 15 of her friends and family, started to laugh. I was absolutely horrified, one of my biggest fears is being naked in public, and now I was completely nude with no way to get back.

I can’t tell you how trapped and humiliated I felt. I had to spend the rest of the day with the water up to my shoulders, feeling awkward and embarrassed the whole time.

Whenever we were in shallow water I was forced to stand up and walk exposed in front of them. They weren’t prudish either, her friends and parents made jokes and comments on my body as we went. Her young cousins made sure to comment on the shape and size of my junk when I couldn’t cover myself also.

When we got back to the beach I had to run covering myself back to my towel. My day was completely ruined. I felt humiliated and angry. When we got back to our room, I was back into clothes trying to forget the day when my girlfriend comes in giggling to herself.

She asked me if I liked the new swim trunks, and when I asked what she meant she told me she had ordered a prank dissolving pair in lounge and replaced my other one with it. I was absolutely livid.

She had purposefully exposed and violated me because she thought it’d be a good laugh. She even made sure not to pack another pair or a towel. I started yelling and she told me to calm down, saying that it was only a joke.

I left that night, and I didn’t call her the next day. She called screaming at me, acting like I was the one who had wronged her, saying that she had worked hard for this trip and that I was being immature.

But I didn’t want to be around someone who would humiliate me, especially considering that her own family and friends would be present. I can understand that I ruined the trip for her, but it feels like her own fault.

Comments wholeheartedly agreed with OP's conclusion.

From Twixbird:

NTA i really hate this trend of humiliating people you're supposed to care for.

From AdrenalineAnxiety:

NTA. Run, run far away and never look back. This girl is pure toxic as well as her friends and family. I can't believe no one stood up and said this isn't okay and defended you. I can't believe they all body shamed you.

I'm sorry you went through this. I bet if she'd had to spend the day naked in front of strangers whilst they body shamed and humiliated her, she wouldn't be laughing. Block her.

From stripedlasagna:

NTA. That’s so awful. Please reconsider this relationship. She does not sound like someone that will make you feel safe and loved.

From Ok_Yesterday_6214:

NTA but you will be if you don't drop that huge red flag

Man, stop beating yourself up, it's HER who ruined her trip, not you. Why would she want to humiliate a person she wants to have a relationship with? And in front of her whole family no less? She doesn't think of you in the long run and honestly... She doesn't think. Period.

From Princess-She-ra:

NTA. Your gf and the rest of them are big time aholes. I am so angry on your behalf, that is absolutely vile behavior.

I admit that I really dislike pranks to begin with. (I promise I'm really a fun person, but pranks have a tendency to go wrong). But you have to know how to do a prank and when to stop. To have you nekkid all day, surrounded by people who were making fun of you, is not my idea of fun.

From Loud_situation_4682:

A prank is only funny if EVERYONE is laughing.


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