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'AITA for laughing at my pregnant SIL for demanding help?' UPDATE + SCREENSHOTS

'AITA for laughing at my pregnant SIL for demanding help?' UPDATE + SCREENSHOTS


"AITA for laughing at my pregnant sil?"

So yesterday i (16f) and some family had dinner at my sil (26f) ill call her macy and my two brothers were there.onto the actual story macy is 3 months pregnant and tbh i cant even tell she’s pregnant yet.

but while we were eating dinner macy asked my little brother shaun (14m) to go get her a dr pepper from the fridge (he would’ve got her one but we were literally all eating dinner and the fridge that has our good drinks is all the way in the garage) he said “no there’s sweet tea in the kitchen tho” and i kid you not she stood at and said “i demand you to get me my drink”.

i thought that was so goofy to say so i started laughing which made shaun start laughing to.macy looked at us and picked up her and my older brother dannys (28m) stuff and left.

that was last night and all today I’ve been getting messages from my brother and macys sister saying that “im a little b**ch for laughing at a pregnant woman like that” and that “i have no shame” and “my little brother is a lazy b%$tard who could’ve just done macy a simple favor”.

my dad also thought i was rude for laughing,the only people on my side are my mom and aita?

edit: idk if anyone wants an update or will see this but macy texted my dad earlier tonight and told him that as long as me and shaun r around nobody is allowed to see her baby.

edit 2:idk how to add pics to posts but i posted ss of me and macys messages on my account.

Final Update

so today after school i drove to my dads to get some stuff i left there and i showed him everything,he was on my side dad decided that if my older brother was gonna let his wife treat us like this that my brother didn’t need anymore financial help(my dad pays for my brothers car payment and also helps with his house payment).

as for the texts macy blocked me after she saw what i said lol and my mom made my little brother block ig that’s pretty much the end to this gonna post more ss of my little brothers texts since y’all loved them so much lol,thank you reddit!

edit:so ive been seeing people asking the aftermath of my dad cutting off financial help,i don’t have any ss unfortunately bc my dad let my brother know over the phone but my dad did put the call on speaker so i heard everything.

first my brother didn’t think my dad was being serious then when he realized my dad was fr he started freaking out saying my dad was “picking favorites” and that he’s always felt like the “black sheep of the family”.dad was pretty much just explaining that he is in control of his own money and my brother couldn’t guilt trip him.macy was in the background crying the whole time.

we haven’t heard from them since but when we do ill update y’all!(also saw my story on tiktok which was pretty cool lol, goodnight reddit!)

Here's what people had to say:

bb3244 writes:

They would have had to pick me up off of the floor because I would have been ROLLING with laughter. OP is NTA.

Militantignorance writes:

I DEMAND you stop laughing!

trange-Courage writes:

NTA it was laugh worthy, why can’t your older brother get her drink? After all she’s carrying HIS kid.

throw-away12256 OP responded:

i actually asked him this over text and he said “he worked a long day”.

AddictiveInterwebs writes:

26 weeks here, would've been crying laughing. Gonna send this to my husband and start demanding s&&t for the next 3 months.

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