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'AITA for eating ice cream out of the tub at my IL's? It was a pregnancy craving.'

'AITA for eating ice cream out of the tub at my IL's? It was a pregnancy craving.'


"AITA for eating ice cream directly out of the tub?"

I’m currently staying with my in-laws. Before we came to visit my mother-in-law asked me what pregnancy cravings I was having because she wanted to make sure they had them for me. I mostly crave chocolate fudge brownie ice cream and they bought a lot of it for me.

I was eating it directly out of the tub since it never lasts more than two days max and nobody else was eating it as far as I was aware.

My mother-in-law’s goddaughter has been here for a few days now too and she saw me eating the ice cream from the tub and told me I was being gross because somebody else could’ve wanted some and I should use a bowl instead of just eating it directly from the tub.

I told her I was going to eat it all anyway and she accused me of being greedy. I started crying because we kept arguing over it and she was making me feel awful.

My husband saw me crying and was furious with her. My mother-in-law has been trying to smooth things over between everybody but my husband is still angry at her and she’s still angry at me because she thinks I cried on purpose to make him angry at her. AITA?


janeradar says:

YTA. I find it really confusing and insulting that pregnant women aren't expected to act like adults. Like I think we should be readily forgiven for not being considerate when we are growing a whole human in their body, but I don't think that we get a pass from acting like considerate adults.

You are putting your germs in a tub of ice cream. It's not that hard to use a bowl and spoon. Eat as much as you want, but give someone the option to have some if they want. You can't help the tears because your hormones are haywire. But you can just move on from this and use a bowl. It's doesn't have to be a big deal.

EvenOrchid6345 says:

You could simply use a bowl and spoon like someone raised indoors around other people. You are the one who behaved outside of socially acceptable manners, why should she make accommodations for you? Pregnancy is medical condition, not an a**hole license.

little__mouse__ OP:

I wasn’t asking her to make accommodations for me??????

whatsername235 says:

YTA, horrendous pregnancy here but I never ate things from the container in other people's houses. I also never used the waterworks to get my way. Pregnancy cravings are real but buy your own. If you can afford a child, you can pay for your own cravings

little__mouse__ OP:

I can buy my own but my in-laws offered and bought it for me because they’re nice people and wanted to… I don’t really see why you’re bringing money into this.

Dr_Fluffybuns2 says:

I know some people won't agree but I also don't think it's a huge deal to share spoons in a tub of ice cream. She's not scooping the ice cream, swirling it around in her mouth and spitting it back in. I often share utensils, eat off the same plate or share straws with my friends.

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