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Pregnant woman yells at husband for eating favorite chocolate; women share stories.

Pregnant woman yells at husband for eating favorite chocolate; women share stories.


I am 8.5 months pregnant and driving sucks. So my mom drives me around because my husband is working long hours to get ahead of things before the baby comes.

Last month she drove me to my favorite chocolate store and I stocked up on my favorite flavors. The store has dozens of flavors of chocolate individually wrapped in colorful foil so you can tell the flavor. The store is about an hour's drive away from our home.

My husband knows my favorite flavor. Half the bag was originally that flavor but by now it's just even with the others.

He came home from work yesterday and after supper we were going to sit and watch tv. I waddled over to the couch and asked him to please bring me two of my chocolates. He did and he grabbed a few for himself. No problem there.

He came back to the couch with chocolate in his mouth. When he kissed me I knew what flavor he took. He admitted he took the stracciatella ones. My favorite. I got kind of upset and he said it was no big deal, I could go with my mom and get some more.

Yes this company sells their chocolate everywhere but that flavor I've only ever seen this flavor in their store.

I asked if he has been eating that flavor a lot and his face told me everything I needed to know. I yelled at him that it's not like it's easy for me to sit in a car for two hours. He said he would go out right now and replace them.

He hit a couple of drug stores, and a couple of grocery stores they all told him the same thing. So he drove across town and came back with a big bag of just that flavor. While he was gone I called my mom and she said I need to calm down because my hormones are making me crazy.

I apologized to my husband but he is still grumpy that he drove around for hours just to get me chocolate. I think he should know better than to eat my favorite flavor. I know this isn't as big a problem as some of the other stuff here.

AITA for yelling at my husband when he ate some of my chocolate and making him drive across the city to replace them?


notreally121 says:

I clearly recall sobbing during my first pregnancy over a brand of potato chips that was discontinued, and my husband came home with an unsuitable (to me) replacement. It was ridiculous, and years later, we laugh about it. So will you. Best wishes for a smooth birth and healthy baby!

Bikini_Atroll says:

I vividly remember when I was pregnant with my son, ordering Hawaiian barbecue from a local restaurant, specifically the teriyaki beef. My partner went to pick it up, and they had forgotten to include the teriyaki sauce ,that comes on the side, but is also what makes it so delicious (and, you know, teriyaki).

I cried hysterically, and couldn’t even rationalize why I was so upset. My partner (bless him) drove back to the store and came back with boatloads of teriyaki sauce. I’m not proud of that moment, in hindsight, but pregnancy really does make you a bit nuts, and food cravings are no joke.

ScootieMcBoatie says:

I have another one! I’m pregnant right now and all I wanted was a specific flavor of chips, and my partner was going to pick them up on his way home from work. I waited excitedly all day for my chips and he came home with another flavor because it’s the only one they had. I cried and ate the whole bag of chips anyway lol.

BPD-and-Lipstick says:

I've had that moment too 😂 I was pregnant last year and all I wanted was a plain bar of Galaxy. That was it. It was still early enough on that I could walk places myself, and I was 2 seconds away from crying in every store that didn't have it. My partner brought me some Galaxy... the caramel kind.

I thanked him and he was just laughing at me (nicely, not in a mean way) at me crying while trying to eat this Galaxy caramel bar, it made me laugh eventually too, cause it was such a silly thing to be upset over

EstablishmentFew289 Edit from OP:

My husband is wonderful and he went out looking to replace my chocolate. After he didn't find it nearby HE CHOSE TO DRIVE ACROSS TOWN. I didn't force him to do it. When I said I made him do it I meant he did it to make me happy. Sorry for any confusion.

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