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Woman refuses to move cat for allergic pregnant woman on train; mom says she's 'rude.'

Woman refuses to move cat for allergic pregnant woman on train; mom says she's 'rude.'


When this woman is unsure if she should've gotten up for a pregnant woman, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for refusing to leave my seat so a pregnant person can sit? (due to allergies)?'

Okay so I (F21) was driving back home from my parents place the other day. They live a 2h train ride away and I spent several days there, so I took my cat with me. He's used to the train rides and usually just sleeps thru.

I also usually have the carrier on the seat next to me, but whenever the train gets full I put it on my lap so other people can sit. So this very pregnant woman comes in (I'm not good with guessing months but she was pretty big so I assume at least 6 months?), the train is full so naturally I took the carrier on my lap and offered her the seat next to me.

She refused and said that she's allergic to cats and cant sit next to one. She then asked me if I'd mind leaving my seat and stand, so she could still sit down. I refused because a) I still had like 1,5h ahead of me and b) had a backpack, the cat carrier and an additional bag with me and honestly don't know how to hold it while standing.

I could tell she was pissed and said that's a bit 'dangerous' to calculate a sitting seat into my travel plans, but another guy then offered her his seat and sit next to me and my cat. When she left the train she walked past our seat again and thanked the guy for 'being the only decent person in the train'.

I told this story to my parents the other day and my mom said that I was being rude, and said that I should've stood up because if the guy hadn't offered his seat, the pregnant woman would've had to stand her whole train ride. Which is bad manners.

But I don't understand why I should've stood up when I already made space for another person next to me. So AITA?

Let's find out.

clicktosignin writes:

NTA, the allergies are her problem. You're on a train, so plenty of seats, she really had to have the one you were sitting on? Nope, pregnant woman was the rude one.

spellmonger writes:

Ehhh YTA but very softly. You couldve been a bit more empathetic and figured out a way to move. Being pregnant is very uncomfortable and it sounds to me like you didn't care.

booksandstarslover writes:

NTA youd have put you and your cat into a dangrous balancing act in a moving vehicle if you had moved or stood up. Her allergies aren't your responsibility and she was very rude and the comment puts her solidly in big AH territory.

She should have said thanks anyways for the offer but she cant due to allergies and asked someone else to move there.

Hard to say if OP is TA. What do YOU think?

Sources: Reddit
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