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Woman makes BF leave family hang early because of pregnancy craving, he gets annoyed.

Woman makes BF leave family hang early because of pregnancy craving, he gets annoyed.


Pregnancy will completely alter your body and brain in wild ways.

While you might have been a big health nut in your pre-pregnancy days, your cravings can drive you towards super-specific sweets while you're growing a baby. And once the craving hits, it can be all over - your brain is now hyper-focused on the desired snack.

Of course, life doesn't revolve around snack time, so managing these moments is crucial in order to keep functioning.

In a popular post on the AITA subreddit, a woman asked if she was wrong for leaving her boyfriend's family's place early because of a craving.

She wrote:

AITA for getting a pregnancy craving during a party?

I 29 female am pregnant with my boyfriend Sam 32. Sam and I went to a party for his family. No momentous occasional just a normal family get-together. During my pregnancy I have had intense cravings. While we were at the party I told Sam I was craving a slushee. About 30 minutes away.

We had just arrived about 20 minutes prior. He said to give him a little while and we’d go get one. After about 30 more minutes I said it again to Sam. He said fine get in the car. On our way there we got into an argument and he thinks the craving could have waited a couple hours. He’s now mad at me we have to leave the party early.

We see his family 2-3 times a month sometimes more and I don’t think it’s a big deal to leave when I have a craving. AITA?

The internet was brutally honest with her.

brokenhousewife_ wrote:

YTA, a craving is something you'd really like to have, not life or death. You acted poorly, like a child, and made both of you go. Why couldn't you go alone?

outofsortsotter wrote:

YTA. You don’t have to have everything you crave during your pregnancy the second it pops into your head. You could have waited. Also, why couldn’t you go yourself and get it if you wanted it so badly? Why did he need to go with?

rbrancher2 wrote:

YTA I've had two kids. I get cravings. But you don't get to demand that your BF leave a get-together 20 minutes after you have driven 30 minutes to get there. Yes, he put it off and you were oh-so-not-patient for another 30 minutes. SMDH.

It is a big deal and honestly, seems like a total power play. I would really consider how long he's going to stick around for this kind of disregard for him and his wants.

IAmHerdingCatz wrote:

YTA. Just because you get a craving doesn't mean everybody has to drop everything to accommodate you. If you don't get the slushy, you'll live.

Even in such a short post, you come off as childish and entitled.

Edit: I've got 5 offspring. There's nothing you can tell me about cravings I haven't experienced.

OP is for sure TA here, and her boyfriend had every right to be annoyed.

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