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Woman snaps at oversharing classmate, 'your miscarriage is your fault.'

Woman snaps at oversharing classmate, 'your miscarriage is your fault.'


Harsh honesty is just that: harsh.

Depending on the context, a dose of intense honesty can be just what someone needs or unnecessarily rude. It's really all about the nature of the relationship.

In a popular post on the AITA subreddit, a woman asked if she was wrong for snapping at a classmate. She wrote:

AITA for telling a girl it's absolutely her fault she got pregnant for the third time?

Before I start, I honestly don't care if people enjoy s*x. There's nothing wrong with it as long as they're using condoms etc. I (24f) know a girl (~19?) from class. We definitely are not friends but she started dumping all of her private info on me the first day.

Some of the examples include sleeping around with random guys every weekend, not on any form of birth control, not using condoms due to latex allergies, getting pregnant and miscarrying twice, and not getting medical help afterward. Her family is well off so it's not like she can't afford to not go to an obgyn or get hormonal birth control.

That's not even the worst of the stories she told me but they're not relevant to the post. She came into class one day and was upset about something. I didn't even ask what's wrong because I'm done with her oversharing but of course, she started spilling the beans anyways.

Turns out, she's pregnant and miscarried for the third time. I looked at her dead in the eye and said 'huh it's like you could've prevented it. We're not friends. Stop telling me these things.' She made a shocked face and stopped talking to me. My friends think I'm an a-hole for 'lacking empathy.' Honestly, I'm just done with her oversharing things. AITA?

Redditors were deeply invested.

KronkLaSworda wrote:

NTA. You aren't her therapist or life-long friend for her to vent to. You're just like, some classmate, or something. Sometimes direct, blunt correction is the best way to prevent future occurrence. Good luck in school!

1962Michael wrote:

NTA. Acquaintances don't get to dump their sh!t all over everyone they meet and expect sympathy. My theory: Half or maybe ALL of what this girl tells people is made up. She's doing it for attention. Trolls exist IRL; don't feed them.

JazzHandsNinja42 wrote:

NTA, but you should know that “rich”, “wealthy” and “well-off” will never mean “informed”, “intelligent” or “capable”. Naivety, ignorance and stupidity know no bounds. Throughout life, you have a choice to be kind or dismissive. You were rude, but it doesn’t make you an AH for not caring about a stranger.

notadruggie31 wrote:

ESH, you're right that she doesn't need to talk to you, especially if you are not friends but come on, you could have not been a dick about it.

captainhook77 wrote:

I think she's making most of it up.

Having 3 miscarriages without acting extremely concerned and doing something about it by 19 seems VERY far fetched.

While OP isn't TA here, it seems likely her classmate is lying or has some bigger issues going on.

Sources: Reddit
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