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Woman learns fed up mom 'accidentally' broke 'bad' dad's wrist during her birth.

Woman learns fed up mom 'accidentally' broke 'bad' dad's wrist during her birth.


Hell hath no fury like a woman in labor.

One woman shares the vegenge story of her birth. According to her, her father was not the best and her mother put up with it. When she was in the hospital, giving birth, she 'accidentally' got some very cathartic metacarpal revenge.

'My mum got her petty revenge by breaking my fathers hand whilst she gave birth to their first child'


So, I don't know how petty this is but, I had to get this of my chest because IM SO PROUD!!!

For 15 years my mother was in an unhealthy relationship with my father on and off. She kept leaving him because of his abuse towards her and then he kept manipulating her to get back with him.

My mother was pregnant with her first child (Me!) And went to hospital as she went into labour. My mother has said medical condition which meant there was a 50/50 chance she could or couldn't die during child birth.

I can tell this was a scary time for her. She told me that all together there were 20 people in the room, all had different specialities. (Also we're British so very fortunate she didn't have to worry about paying for this).

Labour is very painful itself but the medical condition she had would make child birth even more painful, due to this she had to have A LOT more pain relief.

This is where my mother decided that she would get her revenge.

My father arrived to the hospital 20 minutes after she got there. And I was the only birth he turned up for!

My mother pretended the pain relief wasn't working. My father reached out his arm and my mum grabbed his hand. Because the pain relief 'wasn't working' she kept pushing his hand....

Until it broke! My father had to go next door to a&e to get it fixed.

Every time my mother told that story, right up until the night she died, she would say it with a smile and she was so proud of it! I've heard/witnessed a lot of pettiness but this beats them all.

Here were the top rated comments from readers:


'Don't mess with Mom.' :) Well played.


Don’t mess with a woman giving birth! I put my husband on his knees with my grip when I was giving birth and could have broken his hand too. But then I would have felt bad.


When I was interning as a medical doctor in the Obs department, I once assisted a short heighted primi on delivery. She was not descending (i.e. the baby wasn't coming down), and she was having really really painful contractions.

Add to that that she was a primi and 20 years old, and she was in a lot of pain. Where I am from, empathy isn't exactly the strong suite of obs delivery rooms. I used to make it a point to go and talk to these women (poor women in government hospitals) to try and calm them down and make the experience a little less horrid.

So as I was talking to this lady, she grabbed onto my wrist and looked pleadingly. And had a contraction. I had (and still have) multiple pseudocysts on my body. These are essentially jelly filled sacs, and the easiest treatment is labelled the Bible treatment (smack it hard with a Bible leading to its rupture and dissolution).

At the time of this happening, I had a rather painful pseudocyst on my wrist. As this lady had a contraction, she grabbed and squeezed down on my wrist HARD. The cyst was ruptured. Suffice to say that even though momentarily in pain, I was really thankful, and have since then persisted in being as nice as I can with my patients.

I also don't have labour room duties anymore.


I am both afraid of and impressed by your amazing mother lol.


My husband has never been abusive and I tried to break his hand during child birth. Something about it p*sses you off enough to want to fuck up the stupid jerk that got to have the sex at the beginning and didn't have to give birth at the end. Lol


I accidentally tried to weld his finger to the bed rail. The nurse laughed at him and said all L&D nurses are experts and setting broken hands and fingers and that the delivery department keeps a standing appointment open every morning with orthopedics. Apparently they averaged 2-3 dads with injuries a week.

So, is this sweet revenge or just the nature of, well, nature? Do anuy readers have a story of their behavior during labor?

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