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Woman calls out uncle for repeatedly gifting her fake $100 gift cards. AITA?

Woman calls out uncle for repeatedly gifting her fake $100 gift cards. AITA?


When it comes to presents, it is suppose to be the thought that counts.

But what if the thought is more of a middle finger? One neice was surprised when the $100 giftcard her uncle gave her for graduation was already used. When it happened again, she was hurt. When it happened AGAIN, well, she decided to do something about it.

AITA for calling out a family member for giving fake gifts?


For graduation three years ago my uncle(53M) gave me(25F) a $100 gift card, but when I went to use it the teller said there was only $6 on the card. I assumed it was a mistake and didn't say anything to him.

For Christmas two years ago, he gave me a $50 gift card, which was $25 over what the limit per person was suppose to be. When I went to use it, the teller said it had never been activated. I again didn't say anything, but thought it was odd it happened twice.

Last year, I finished grad school and my uncle loudly announced to everyone at my party that I should get an email with a digital gift card and that it should help me pay for new furnishings when I move.

I checked my email that night, and had nothing in my inbox or spam. I waited a few days, then texted him and mentioned I didn't get an email, 'just to make sure he had used the correct email address.' He never responded.

I finally hit the limit this Christmas when he handed me a $100 Visa gift card and announced that he had been doing well at work and wanted to be generous. I thanked him, and checked the balance later and saw that there was only around $3 on the card.

The next day when my grandma said she was going to the mall I said I would go too to use my gift card. I tried to use it with her standing next to me, and when the teller said there were insufficient funds she was shocked.

I logged into the website where you can check the balance and showed her that the card had been spent months ago and how little remained.

She seemed confused, and when we got to the car I mentioned that this happened every single time uncle gave me a gift card. She got p*ssed and called him and told him off for bragging about being generous but giving out fake or used cards.

He later texted me and said I was wrong for calling him out in front of his mother and that he had been having financial issues he wanted to keep quiet.

I responded by saying I gave him the chance to fess up the time before about the email gift card but he wouldn't answer, and that if he was having financial issues he shouldn't have bragged about going OVER the prescribed gift amount and just actually spent $25. AITA?

Here are the top comments from readers:


NTA. At very least, he should've told you personally afterwards so you don't look embarrassed in the store.


NTA He’s ashamed bc his behavior is shameful. Not your problem.


NTA. If he had financial issues, he can choose not to get you a gift or to get one of much less value. He doesn't have to say why in front of people. But using you to appear generous / hide his financial issues in front of others or whatever, nope that's not ok.


NTA. He didn't need to lie. He could have just said, 'Congratulations' and that would have been enough. Actions, meet consequences. Just makes me wonder what ELSE he's lying about. Because I guarangoddamntee you this is the tip of the iceberg.


NTA. But your uncle sure is. Seems to me that he's trying to project the image of a cool, big-shot, generous uncle without actually having to pony up the dough. Good for you for calling him out.

Having financial difficulties is no excuse for lying and risking possibly getting you in trouble or embarrassment. If he really wanted to keep quiet about his financial difficulties, he should have just kept a low profile rather than pulling the stunt he did.

What would you tell this OP? Is some petty revenge in order or should she reach out to make sure her uncle is okay?

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