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17 advantages of 'pretty privilege.'

17 advantages of 'pretty privilege.'


1. MonkeyPunx says:

Anyone can ask, but attractive people are much more likely to get help from strangers—just a sad, twisted fact of life.

2. landob says:

Get good tips as a waitress/waiter without REALLY trying.

3. Season_Traditional says:

I have a good-looking business partner. We constantly delegate tasks based on whether we need Sasquatch or Captain America.

4. DesolatePeach says:

I’ve had one of my friends get rejected because the girl found the best friend of that guy (me) to be too ugly. My friend got rejected because IM UGLY.

5. BlipBlorpz says:

Singer/artist. Even though looks have nothing to do with talent. It makes me wonder how many amazing voices are not being heard because the record company's old fat dudes don't think the artist is hot

6. Apollo_T_Yorp says:

Go out broke and come home drunk.

7. claudinecaldero says:

Yeah, its called the halo effect. We tend to assume attractive people are nicer and smarter.

8. RagingHolly says:

People will go completely out of their way to do things for them. Moving? Did something break? Card declined? Someone will help them.

9. peanutthetreenut says:

A girl just drove three hours to f*ck my room mate. They never really spoke or met before this. Blew my mind.

10. AlternativeQueen says:

I dated an extremely attractive charismatic man once. It was genuinely scary what he could pull off, he could definitely be a cult leader. Now when I go on dates if I see their charisma manipulating situations it’s an instant no. Sh*ts scary.

11. _Quiet-Storm_ says:

Always having dating options. Not actively seeking out potential partners. Potential partners seek them out.

12. OneGoodRib says:

In my experience, just having a photo or video themselves. If you took the most hideous man in the world and posted a photo of him reading a book in the park, the comments would be filled with just vicious insults about how ugly and stupid he is, that he should go back inside, whatever.

If you took Henry Cavill and dressed him in the same clothes, with the same book, in the same location, all the comments would be different. There's so many instances out there of people just attacking random-a** photos of ugly people just for living their lives while being ugly.

13. BreatheMyStink says:

Talk to new people in public, particularly at bars and the like. I have been fit and I have been fat.

Fit me talked to whomever, whenever without incident and generally with good results. Fat me doing the same equaled tense body language, and awkward, stunted interactions.

14. ChanelKari says:

I wouldn’t know. I am handsome. Source: my Mom

15. eyezofnight says:

Work at Abercrombie & Fitch. The owner literally said they don’t hire ugly people.

16. Nygurath says:

They can be a**holes and get away with It. Oh and they are allowed to be stupid. Their pretty faces Will make up for that.

17. nunyabizz0000 says:

Attractiveness is often the deciding factor on if you’re being creepy or not.

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