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Bride tells youth pastor bro, 'propose at my wedding, I'll tell your GF is pregnant.'

Bride tells youth pastor bro, 'propose at my wedding, I'll tell your GF is pregnant.'


"AITA for blackmailing my brother into not proposing to his girlfriend at my wedding?"

My (F27) brother (24) and I were raised in a very traditional Southern Baptist household. I got married two weeks ago and it went off without a hitch. It was a beautiful ceremony and the reception was a lot of fun for everyone, I think.

The only thing that could have messed it up was my brother. He wanted to ask his girlfriend, Sara (27) to marry him at the reception during his speech welcoming my husband to the family.

My dad passed away last year and I thought it would be good to have my brother do the honors. Thank God he told me his idea beforehand.

My brother didn't know that Sara, who is one of my best friends, had already told me that she was pregnant. My brother is a youth pastor at our church. Sara is the choir director. Everyone looks up to them.

I told him that if he had the audacity to try and include himself in my day the response to his speech would be me toasting his new baby. He was furious that I knew about it. And that I would leverage it against him. But all I could see was red.

I said that if he and his girlfriend were willing to go against our beliefs, then I had no problem calling him out. Our fight got loud enough that our mom came in to break it up. I kept my mouth shut despite wanting to blab right there and then.

Like I said, my wedding went perfectly. And my brother proposed to his girlfriend privately at a beautiful little spot in the hotel grounds after we left the reception. When I got back from my honeymoon, Sara thanked me for my discretion and for convincing my dumba** brother not to try and horn in on my day.

We all had dinner with my mom last night and my brother is still salty about the situation though. When I spoke with him to congratulate him on his engagement he said I was petty to keep him and Sara from having a moment in the sun. I said that there were a thousand more appropriate places for him to propose and that he chose well.

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NTA. Sara even thanked you for stopping him. He can stay salty.


Perhaps Sara can explain to her baby daddy about how totally inappropriate his plans were.

Perhaps OP could have rented out some of HER time at HER wedding. She could have given him a price of perhaps 25% to 40% of the cost of the reception for the privilege of taking the spotlight away from OP and her hubby.


NTA-it's tacky and inappropriate and apparently against his own girlfriend's wishes. He literally just proposed, he can have his 'moment' at his own wedding.


'NTA-it's tacky and inappropriate.' The guy is a youth preacher who raw dogged his choir director, probably whilst preaching holier than thou about sex before marriage. I doubt he has any sense of norms and values.


'I doubt he has any sense of norms and values'

From what I know about the churches my family are in, that pretty much is the norm.

At least it was an adult that was close to his age.

So, do you think the OP was too harsh on her brother or was he trying to take away the spotlight while hiding what he was afraid their religious family would really learn?

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