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14 people share a purchase that instantly improved their lives.

14 people share a purchase that instantly improved their lives.


You don't realize it all the time, but one good product can change your life forever. A Roomba, iPhone, or a nice bed can change everything. On a popular Reddit thread in the Ask Reddit Subreddit, users share the product they bought that significantly improved their quality of life.

1. Mobile-Technology-88 says:

A good bed will change your life.

2. Passion_saucisson says:

A good shower head and a knife sharpener.

3. comsan says:

I bought a 30-pack of the same sock. They are pricey since it’s merino wool. I use them for every occasion, and laundry is easier.

4. PaceIsTheTrick64 says:

A good mattress, good pillows, and a filtered water pitcher.

5. BootBatll says:


6. kempff says:

CPAP machine.

Within two days:

  • No more snoring so loudly I can be heard from the basement.

  • No more dragging myself through my day in an underslept, mental-error-prone haze.

  • No more dreading going to bed knowing I'll choke-snort myself awake every 7-10 minutes and get up in the morning feeling like I got hit by a bus and a bottle brush shoved up my nose.

7. Moist-Meaning-6058 says:

A self-cleaning litter box. I have cats and a healthy dose of depression, which aren’t related on the surface, but it helps keep things clean. Also, cats, why have a weighted blanket when I could have 32 lbs of a cat on me at any given time? Don’t come for me. There are three of them.

8. MadMattBeyond says:

Visual art for my home. It helps me feel more at ease, as opposed to blank walls.

9. Astrid-Wish says:

I started ketamine therapy for depression. Never been happy before. It's really awesome.

10. 2dogs1catandakid says:

We have two Siberian huskies and the robot vacuum has changed my life! We run it every day and then I only need to drag the big vac out once a week.

11. 2trashkittens says:

10 foot phone charger cords.

12. Dancing_nansee says:

Laser hair removal on every part of my body that I used to shave! Best thing EVER!

13. CrashDandelion says:

E-bike and a heated mattress pad. Game changers! I bought my e-bike about a year ago, and it is incredible how much it improved my mood! I used to be sweaty and angry when I got to work. The wind is constantly blowing in the wrong direction here, and I hate it so much! The e-bike completely erased that from my life. I don't even care if it's windy now; I'll pedal on and let the engine do all the work.

The mattress pad has made this winter bearable. The stupidly high price of electricity can't heat the house properly, but at least I'll be able to crawl into a warm bed at night.

14. S0ph0enix says:

This sounds so dumb, but it has dramatically improved my quality of life. I bought two green Gatorade sports bottles (literally from Amazon), and now I stay hydrated. I keep one of them in the fridge and one of them out to drink. When I’ve finished drinking one bottle, I refill it, put that one in the refrigerator, and pull out the second bottle full of cold water. I keep repeating my little system, which keeps me from having a million half-drank cups of water. I know it’s not that exciting, but it’s low-key changed my life.

Sources: Reddit
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