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19 employees share the final straw from a bad boss that made them quit that day.

19 employees share the final straw from a bad boss that made them quit that day.


Quitting a job always seems like a powerful, satisfying scene when we fantasize about it in a daydream during a particularly torturous day at the office...

In real life, however, leaving a job is often a fairly boring process of lying about being 'forever grateful for this opportunity' (to be yelled at by entitled customers) (for years). So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What did your boss do that made you quit your job on the spot?' people were ready to share their passionate blaze of glory, revenge tale, or hilariously honest moment.


Once I was working as a cashier in a store. I was on my 8th month and I was already exhausted bc my boss yelled all the time. One day they changed the system and I asked for help, and she said 'it's not my problem deal with it.' And I was like 'you know what, You deal with it, I'm done here.' I never felt more relieved for leaving a job. - oh-deerie


It was 1995 and I was working a temporary contract for year before going to university. I have an annual commitment to some voluntary work (still going to this day) but when it came to it they would not honour my leave request for one measly week. No big drama I just quit.

Got a telephone call on my return started back like it never happened. Fast forward to august the same year and my brother died suddenly and I took 2 weeks off.

They refused to pay me but my colleagues were so appalled they collected money for me to cover my wages. The very best and worst of humanity at the same time. I still get teary thinking of that envelope of cash getting pushed in my hand. - [deleted]


I was a decent employee, not the best at the location but I came in EVERY SINGLE TIME someone else couldn’t. And the first time I call out is when my brother has COVID (before the vaccine) he try’s to force me to show him medical documentation for proof. I quit over the phone right then and there. - Rare-Opinion-Panda


Bagging groceries at Albertsons in high school. I filled out the application with specific times and days of the week that I could not work because I was a high school student and had to go to school.

The manager agreed and happily said they will work around my schedule. It was in writing on my application. The first week was fine, then I looked at the schedule the second week and I was scheduled during school hours.

I asked the manager and she said that it was my responsibility to find a replacement. I didn’t know anyone there yet, so I asked her who I can ask. She said just go ask around. I finished my shift and never went back. They mailed me my paycheck a few months later. - circediana


Hired the old boss's daughter to be my manager...I was the manager for 4 months. Every task he gave her ended up back on my desk her first day and she threatened me. So I quit.

He begged me to come back for months but I wasn't interested in having 4 people who were 'above' me on a 5 person team. What's the point in being hired as the #2 person, only to find out that the old boss is keeping his job and both his children are getting promoted? - Just_Discussion6287


I was written up for letting a high school age girl go home to finish her homework and sleep for school the next day. My manager wrote me up because we were all supposed to leave at the same time.

Me and one other person were there for another ~20 minutes finishing dishes. Sorry for being sympathetic to a high schooler’s schedule. - lord-bailish


Basically told me how much I wasn't appreciated when she argued with me about how much time I spent doing things which were not explicitly scheduled (but necessary and required by regulation).

She kept falling back to 'you spent this much time because thats what the schedule says.' Nevermind that one of my other issues was the chronic underscheduling and understaffing. The understaffing was becoming a safety and regulatory issue.

I had already been having other problems making me consider it but being completely thankless despite me being one of the key people keeping things together, really sent me over the edge.

Her response was 'seriously?'. Its laughable. I have marketable skills and job options. I had a job that paid better for less hours in less than 2 months, albeit in kind of a 'sister' industry.

Didnt even have a gap in pay due to them paying out my 200 hours of pto (which was maxed and they wouldn't let me take it due to understaffing). - WomenAreFemaleWhat


I had a personal situation brewing at home and said to him nicely, Boss, I might not be able to make it to work tomorrow and before I could finish he said, then you're done. I was so pissed that he wouldn't even let me tell him why.

I said okay, f*ck it then, I'm done right now. I grabbed up my sh*t and hit the door. Best thing I ever did, he was an ungrateful a*%hole who didn't appreciate his help. - Oh4faqsake


I worked for a cabinet company, delivering cabinets. I came back from a delivery and my boss came out of his office and said I had to sweep the shop, he walked away and another boss came and said hey do this for me so I did what the other boss said.

the boss that was in his office came out into the warehouse and got verbal with me, because I wasn’t sweeping the shop, so I told him to cut me my check and I’d walk out that f*@#ing door right away.

Then I literally told him that I quit, and walked. next Tuesday shows up, I get a text from another boss to come and pick up my paycheck.

I hate company’s with multiple bosses, every restaurant I’ve ever worked in, has three managers and they’ll all contradict each other at the same time, they don’t communicate and expect everyone to do what they say at the same time, so I walk, same thing in the restaurants when they slap asses, I don’t care. - [deleted]


I’m an accountant, and the first day in a new position the owner asked me to falsify the books. I left for lunch and never went back. - LadyLovesRoses


I got hired as a prep cook at a local pub/brewery about 15 years ago. I was extremely excited to get into the culinary field as I had a passion for cooking and wanted to make a career out of it. I was great at the job, picked things up quickly, learned the way chef liked things, and all was going great.

Fast forward a week and the dishwasher goes on vacation. Chef says I need to fill in for him. Ok, I'll fill in for the dishwasher for a week, no problem. First couple shifts go smoothly. Then comes Friday night. We get absolutely hammered. I'm talking full house, people waiting, non stop for almost 2 hours.

I'm scrambling to keep up as quickly as the small dishwasher will wash dishes, while also running around to the server stations and grabbing the bus tubs to bring back to the dish pit (there were 5 service stations.)

I had just finished bringing all the bus tubs into the pit, so there wasn't a dirty dish left in the house that wasn't in the pit. Obviously, the sink was full. Chef walks by and starts berating me 'what the f*@k are you doing? How hard is it to wash dishes? I could do a better job with two broken arms.'

To which I said 'okay, a*$hole, do it then.' Took my apron off and walked out. I learned that day that my passion for cooking doesn't mean I want to work in a kitchen. - GrinAndBeerIt


They fired another woman for taking too much time off to care for her dying grandmother who raised her.

For context, she was a lower level admin. I was a database administrator. I had been taking time off just like her because my mother-in-law was dying. They fired her. Her skills were easy to replace. I quit that day. My skills were not easily replaced. - awhq


Made a rule that no one was allowed to call in sick during cold and flu season. An entire department quit on the spot - Positive-Ad584


He insisted I come into work after I had a grand mal seizure and busted up my face pretty good. He said he needed more than 30 minutes notice or I would be considered a no-show. I told him I wouldn't be in that day or any more days. My health is more important than any job. - I_Poop_Seizures


Threatened to lock me inside the store if I didn’t hit my targets. - WaltuhWhyte


My supervisor looked at the cameras to see how long I was on the phone to deduct that time from my paycheck.

I had to call my phone provider because my service was deactivated for some unknown reason. It was literally 3 minutes, and my job requires some phone usage. He originally was just going to deduct 30 minutes until I b*$%hed at him about it. I walked out shortly afterward - Knopperdog


Worked in a restaurant that loved me. I listened, I learned and within my first two months I got two positive Google reviews referencing me personally. Even the kitchen staff who didn't speak a lick of English liked me because I got dirty with them.

I legit loved the job a d the people. The General manager and I were even on great terms and worked with each other often. I toot my own horn because after only three months they wanted me to manage the place. A lot more responsibility I was happy to take. I asked what the pay bump would be.

They said pretty much nothing. I might get an extra dollar months down the road if I do well, maybe. General manager said she hadn't gotten a raise in over four years. They made it very clear that I would not be well paid if I stayed.

So I left for my current job and enjoy it. Not sticking around a place where the best thing they can offer is an accolade on my resume. - [deleted]


Didn't pay into our 401k for 6 months, without telling anyone - Farts_McGee


This was years ago. When I interviewed for this one job, I made it very clear to the owner that in 10 months time I had a family commitment to go out of state for 10 days. Non-negotiable, I was going, period.

I did not want to accept the job without him understanding I would take that time off, no matter what, and of course it would not be paid time off. I'd be willing to work OT to make up hours, or come in on weekends, whatever. The owner thanked me for being up front, checked his calender, and told me it would be fine.

I reminded the owner of our agreement several times in the following months, and his reply was always the same 'No problem.'

A week before my scheduled time off, I remind him one last time and he says, 'No, you can't go.' We went round and round for a few minutes, with me reminding him of the conditions of my hire and the many times he said I could go. He refused to budge. I packed up my stuff at lunch, went home, and never went back. - RocMills

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