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16 employees share the most epic ways they've seen coworkers quit their jobs.

16 employees share the most epic ways they've seen coworkers quit their jobs.


Quitting a job in an epic way can be hard to pull off if you plan on eventually needing your old boss for a reference...

If you plan on erasing a gig from your memory and your career trajectory, it's easier to get away with storming out mid-shift in a fit of rage over a particularly irritating 'this could've been an email' meeting.

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What are some of the most epic ways you have seen people quit their jobs?' employees everywhere were ready to share the hilarious, bold, or delightfully weird details.


Had a bartender friend who smashed a blender upon being asked to make a blended margarita, then saying 'sorry my blender is broken...' - Bollocks2014


Back in younger days working for a major wireless service provider, one fellow went into the accounts of senior executives and set them up to call forward each other in an unbreakable loop.

Did this at midnight, the problem didn't become apparent til next morning, but for several glorious hours they couldn't call in and their voicemails flooded. This was 2000, so this trick might be unrepeatable today. - SyllabusofErrors


A housekeeper at a really nice hotel in my city invited his friends from the marching band to help him make his grand exit. Mid-shift. The parade route went by the manager's office, out the lobby, and down the road to the bar. - [deleted]


I was a server and had the most disrespectful and outright rude table I have ever seen or heard of. Drunk, mean, and frequently making personal verbal attacks.

I dumped a pitcher of water on the a*shole that was up from his table coming toward me and telling me off in front of the whole restaurant. Then I told my boss what happened and that I was done.

He saw how the table was acting so he apologized, gave me a hug, and told me he'd give me a good reference for my next job.

This was 8 years ago and I still get congratulated by co-workers when I'm in town and run into them. I've met many people that worked there after I left and know the story well. I get a lot of free drinks in the server community in that town. - dcompare


My cousin worked for McDonald's. One day he was working drive threw, he had a customer cuss at him and throw her bag of food back at him for some reason. So he grabbed the bag and whipped it right back in the customers face. Then he walked out. - rhodeswm


I was at a job I hated with a passion. I was gunning for a new job and had one lined up and was just waiting for the call. I was on my day off, a Friday, when I get the call for the new job.

I had to start Monday, no other options. I called my supervisor to inform her of the new job and when she asked when my last day would be I replied with, 'Yesterday', and hung up the phone. - John-of-Arc


Once I got axed and stood in the entryway of this large corporate building, danced a jig, screamed 'I'm free!' and bailed. - VermillionSoul


Got pissed at the Burger King manager, took off the uniform (shirt, pants, hat) tossed em in the dish water, and walked through the busy lobby and out the front door with nothing on but underwear and a middle finger in the air - majikmyk


I quit in an epic way. I had been at the company for over 4 years and had been written up twice for giving smart ass remarks to people in another department over the years.

There was one guy I hated… I would type out why but for the sake of convenience, just know he was a dick. This guy worked on the main office floor so he didn’t have a private office, but he did keep a name-tag on his desk (call him Tim Doe).

I knew I was going to quite about 4 months beforehand and 2 guys knew I was leaving. I promised these guys that I would get Tim Doe to flip out before I left, and I did it by simply flipping his name tag the opposite direction. I didn’t vandalize it, steal it or even move it to the left or right – I just rotated it.

At first I only did it once or twice a day for about a month. By the last 3 weeks, I was rotating it 5, 6 and even 7 times a day. The people that sat near him knew it was me but they hated the guy so they kept their mouths shut.

He was so annoyed that he set up a camera and it would have caught me but his co-worker that sat next to him let me know via g-chat. So… I left my office, crawled on my belly behind his desk and rotated it. But what can he do?! Complain to HR?! “Hey HR, someone keeps rotating my name-tag”… no. He’ll get laughed out of the office.

He never lost his sh*t but he was so annoyed he offered $100 to the person who sat next to him if she told him who was doing it – she didn’t. The day before my last day I stepped it up a notch: I took a piece of paper, wrote “John Doe” on it and scotch taped it to his name tag (didn’t hurt it).

The next morning I walk in and his hood is up, there is a note up that I couldn’t read and he was red in the face (he though it was me, couldn’t prove it). At this point my VP and a director at the company knew I was leaving but they asked I would stay another 2 days to get things wrapped up.

However, my last day HR called me into an office and said they reviewed security cams and say that the guy rotating the sign was me. The HR lady (who hated me) smiled and said “that was your last strike, we’re going to have to let you go”. I handed her my official resignation letter, smiled and told her that it was already my last day. It was awesome. - donutshopsss


Was a lot attendant at a Chevy dealership. I was taking a car through the carwash and when the blow dryer came on, I turned the wiper on to dry the windshield like I always do. Wiper gets blown off and cracks the windshield. My boss tells me I'm paying for it and it's going to be $600.

The next day I came in, and showed him a picture of the sign outside the carwash that stated 'operator not responsible for damages' and argued my case about why I shouldn't have to pay for it. He told me if I'm not going to pay it then I don't have a job. I said 'so is that it then?'

He said, 'yeah, you're fired.' I took off my work shirt and threw it in his face, said 'take your f*cking shirt back then' and stormed off through the dealership without a shirt. Peeled tire in the parking lot and left. - Jimpetey


A group of us went out canvassing with a new hire. We met back at the car to head back to the office and she wasn’t there. Apparently, a couple hours in she called an Uber, went to the train station, and went home. Called the lead on the train and quit. I want to give her a high five for seeing the writing on the wall way faster than me. - [deleted]


Last time I left a job, I wrote my resignation on a company computer, sent it to the printer in my bosses office and called his extension, 'hey, look in your printer'. I actually had a good relationship with that boss, he just responded 'what, you're too f*ckin' lazy to walk to my office?' We had a good laugh. - Choppstickk


Worked with a guy let's call him Jake. He wrote with a sharpie on a piece of cardboard 'Me Jake Quit.'

He gave it to our manager and just stopped showing up. One day my manager showed me that he still has that cardboard and it's just in a file cabinet. I guess he has to keep it for proof of him quitting or something like that. - IWaterboardKids


Company gathered in the lunch room for cupcakes for a guy that had been here 20 years...he picked up a cupcake walked out and never came back. - colonelfarts


I saw a guy get on one of our very large conveyors and ride it all the way to the exit (HUGE no no) he stepped off, left and I never saw him again - Your_Answer_Is_No


Had a coworker give the boss a sorry for your loss Hallmark card as a two weeks notice - fatmanesbueno

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