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17 employees who quit their jobs on the spot share the moment they snapped.

17 employees who quit their jobs on the spot share the moment they snapped.


Whether it's a rude customer, a ridiculous new rule, a pointless phone call, or a passive aggressive email thread--anyone who has ever worked any kind of job has at least one moment when they dream of storming out in a rage-fueled victory lap...

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'People who quit their job on the spot, why?' frustrated and bold ex-employees everywhere were ready to reveal their final straw.


After a fairly long day a customer had (very rightly) asked to see the manager, but as it happened the owner was in at the same time talking to some of them. I went to the main manager and said a customer wants to see him.

The owner taps my shoulder hard, glares out at the customer and bellows 'the manager is busy, tell them to f*ck off!'

Rather sick of how they treated customers and staff as it was I just looked at him and said 'tell him your f*cking self' and walked out the building - grizwa


Was about to give the restaurant 2-week notice. I was bussing tables at this 'fine dining' establishment. Then, Friday at closing time I got yelled at for clearing a table cloth that Mr. Manager told me was not dirty enough.

OK, don't let me get in the way of you leaving kinda dirty table cloths on for the next customers. I quit right there. - bozitybozitybopzebop


I got passed over for a promotion that I was vastly more qualified for. I rage quit the same day. Started my own business with a friend and I’ve been self employed for 10 years since then. - literanch


I worked a couple days at a warehouse near Port Everglades in the 90s. Second day on the job, supervisor tells me to scan a bunch of packages. I immediately go over to scan the pallette.

Another supervisor immediately starts screaming and cursing at me. 'Why the f* are these boxes still here? What f*ing country did you crawl in from? Move, move, move!' And other abuse...Dropped the scanner right there and walked out. - frank-sarno


Just got done busting my ass as an oyster shucker at this fancy restaurant. They charge $20 for a dozen and I made dozens an hour but only $9 went to me. I got my paycheck for those 2 weeks and it was barely $300. We had less hours because of Thanksgiving.

I was the only with a servsafe certificate in the place and my check wasn't enough to cover rent. I walked and they had to pull a chef from another location because they couldn't sell food without me. - CaptainLookylou


Was an assistant store manager at Papa John's, I was 19 - I was doing nearly everything the GM should have been doing. Scheduling, inventory, ordering, counting drawers/cashing out drivers, taking deposits to the bank, covering when people called out, working open to close on a regular basis...literally doing his entire job.

After a busy Friday night I just walked into the back office and had a fantastic conversation I will never forget:

Me: 'hey man unfortunately I won't be able to come in tomorrow'

'Oh, got plans or something?'

'Nope. I actually won't be able to come in Sunday either, or any day after that.'

'What do you mean?'

'I mean I quit. Good luck, see ya.'

Put my keys down and walked out the door, never looked back. - Pickles-In-Space


I worked at Kroger part time sitting my second semester of college. 19 years old and the screwed up my schedule every single week, after about 9 months, I put in for a couple weeks off for finals and a trip out of the country.

They said no, I put in my two weeks. A week later, an elderly couple claimed I threatened them by cutting up coupons, demanded my little half inch pocket knife be confiscated, and threatened to call the police.

When the manager told me to give him my property, I said no, f*ck your notice period, and walked out. - KidenStormsoarer


I was 18. Worked at Baskin Robbins. I was 1 of two male employees.

'Hey man, did you get a raise?' No?

'Me either. Did you know Katie got a raise?' No.

Boss overheard us talking and said that we were the only two that didn't. Get a raise because we underperformed. Sure. Reached over, grabbed the notepad and wrote 'This is my two weeks notice, I cannot work for the rest of the two weeks.'

Cause I thought you had to give two weeks notice as a dumba*s teenager, then I walked out. - Khryn_Tzu-TTV


For my family, because last job was too much stressful and time consuming and when you have a kid you have to spend time with him and be mentally available, not just a zombie in the weekend. - PandasAttaque


Worked at McDonalds when I was like 18 or 19, it was a stressful shift and one of the managers in the restaurant threatened to beat me up. I just walked out. Never came back for a single shift. - generally-speaking


I tested positive for covid at a rehab center and my director of nursing told me to put my mask on and get back to work. I put my badge down and walked out - [deleted]


Mine was fast food. It's your regular fast food story, unfortunately. We had two cooks and myself during the day shift. I was running front line, drive thru, and fry station by myself for 4 hours straight. I couldn't keep up.

For four hours, I was struggling and getting cussed out by customers because of their wait. My manager decided at that point to come out and help the two cooks.... I watched her do that so she didn't have to deal with the irate customers for another hour before I cracked.

The last customer I spoke to was screaming at me in the window for having to wait 10 minutes to get his food. I just walked up to my manager and gave her the headset and walked out. I sat in my truck in the parking lot and had a full-on panic attack for an hour before I went home.

I was going through a very rough time at that point in my life and just couldn't handle it anymore. That was probably the only time in my life I ever had an actual panic attack. It was not fun at all. - ModsGayandMad


Was brought in for a tryout shift and when I arrived I was told it wouldn't be paid since this was for them to see if they wanted to hire me and not the other way around. - picnic-boy


I walked away from a job in management once because they passed me up for a promotion for a role I was doing anyways due to it being vacant but needing to be done.

When they passed me up I started looking. When they asked ME to train the guy who got it who was now my boss... I left. - SUTATSDOG


It was with a part time job and I had a full time one also. Found out they were getting rid of all the part timers after christmas. I had started in Sept and wasnt informed about that.

They were playing a Michael Bolton christmas on the tape player (this was in the 90's) the boss had an awful attitude and I was getting a bit burnt out anyway.

I went to lunch. Never returned. Never ran into anyine from there despite living a few blocks away. I moved away eventually.

I thought about going in on a visit to the area many years later, and saying 'Im back from lunch. What did I miss?' - TheBklynGuy


Not me but the weirdest one I have ever seen. I am the electronics guy at walmart. One night they drop someone new on me. He had gone through all the onboarding and training videos and sh*t which takes a few days.

They tell me to point him at something to do. I take him to the ink aisle and show him how to zone it. Put everything in order line it up against the edge of the shelf sh*t like that.

He says he's cool he gets it so I'm like great and walk away. Like not even 10 f*cking minutes later I go to see how hes doing and dude is f*cking gone. We never saw him again. - TimeTravelMishap


I got fired from a pizza delivery job once and told I had to finish my shift on a Friday night. They said I was a no call no show the previous day. I wasn't scheduled. They wrote me in but didn't call me.

The ink wasn't even the same color as the rest of the schedule. So when I showed up for work the next day they told me I was fired for no call no show, but I had to stay and work.

I said f*ck that, and walked two doors over to the Chinese place and asked if they needed a delivery guy. Hired on the spot. Plus free egg rolls. - Artisanal_Shitposter

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